Australian Parrot Health Issues and Treatment

To know about disease and health risk of their pet parrots is essential. If you can aware about their pet disease then early stage cures their pet. Pet parrots can fell in number of diseases, so you can also aware their symptoms and sign of illness. When you can give attention then easily notice their sign of illness and easily curable their pets and make sure their long life.

Here are some common disease and health risk which prey your Australian parrots.




Proventricular dilation disease

Psittacine beak and feather disease

Food poisoning

Here are following disease are described in details


Psittacosis is also known as parrot fever. In which bird fell in Chlamydia bacterium. In this disease there is no specific outer symptoms but also feel some symptoms on their parrot.


Here are some symptoms of psittacosis disease.

Eye infection

Breath difficulty


Watery dropping

These symptoms can show their disease. For early curing, check up the avian veterinarian.


For their treatment, antibiotic therapy can give their pet parrot. If you can’t treated and late for check up this disease is the cause of death.


Polyomavirus is also commonly known disease in parrot. It is the disorder that cause of birds flight feather abnormally. This disease is the spread one bird to other bird.


 Some symptoms are following;


Enlarge abdomen


Appetite loss


When you can see the symptoms of this disease, then you can early cure their pet parrot with the help of veterinary doctor.


Candida is the common disease that can found in almost all birds. This disease is found in parrot digestive system.


There are following symptoms such as;


White lesions around the mouth and throat

Appetite loss


When you feel some symptoms then quickly treated their pet parrot for their healthy life. Antifungal medication is more beneficial for Candida disease.

Proventricular dilation disease;

Proventricular dilation disease (PDD) is the fetal disease which birds can survive some time in this disease. Birds live with this disease some month even some year with PDD disease.


There are some symptoms that following;

Hard crop

Weight losing


Change the dropping



When you your pet parrot can prey this fetal disease then so as soon check up for veterinarian doctor.

Food poisoning;

Parrots are also fell human like disease. Pet parrot can get food poisoning like human beings.


There are some common symptoms such as;



loose of appetite


When you parrot can get food poisoning then give precaution like human. Fresh fruits and vegetable give in cutting form. Soft diet gives for soothing their stomach. If they can’t treat early precautions then check up for veterinary doctor.

Psittacine beak and feather disease; (PBFD)

PBFD is the fetal disease. This virus can spread all parrot family. In this disease beak and feather is affected abnormally.


Here are some symptoms such as;


beak growth

absence of powder down

abnormal feather development

feather loss


It is very serious illness which cause of death. When some symptoms show on their pet parrot then quickly treated for their pet bird and then visit to veterinary doctor.


As a whole all disease are fetal and treated well. If you pet parrot can get these disease and show symptoms of these diseases then treated and take away from veterinary doctor for early treatment. If you cannot give attention on their parrot then these disease can cause of their death.pet australian parrots (1) pet australian parrots (2)

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