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Well Behaved Dog Training Tips


Why Need To Learn The Dog:

How much is really fun idea to train the dog. When you first come your best puppy need to train it. No special training center joins for learning the pet dog. Make up your mind and share with other that remain old friends of dog and follow their suggestion. Giving the sit, stand, sleeping like training to dog your main obligation. Dog learning process is not only batter for you also for others.

Training Place:


First you must select the open space to learn the pet dog. Environment should be free from people; otherwise your dog will injure them and don’t keep attention to you.

How dog sit:


When you are going to give sit training to your dog follows the following points;

Keep the treat near the dog nose.

Take up your hand and allow dog head same doing.

When he sits again allow him to repeat once another time.

How come back:


Wear the leather belt in your dog neck.

Loose down the rope of dog and call him back.

When he understands your calling give affection and treat the dog.

When you’re pet dog get best training and quickly come back on your calling remove the belt from his neck.

How take down:


Down is difficult task but you perform it with positive behavior and in relax motion.

Pick up the smelling treat in your hand fist.

Keep the hand fist up on dog snout, when your dog sniff it make down movement of hand and allow him to follow in hand position.

Then again slid your hand in ground along when your dog sees you, it will encourage him to follow you.

How Take Toilet:


If you start dog toilet training late it will difficult for you, give training when he will 3 to 4 years old.

Serve on time feeding when training process continue.

Take him outside for potty after 30 minutes and then 60.

When you set the dog toilet timing then every day you can easily go outside with dog.

Give maximum time until dog free from toilet.

How to Stop Up Jumping:


Dog jumping more time make serious injury for you and her own. You can teach it with great care and love. When dog make jumping say it to sit or stay then give him a warm kiss.

How to Stop Barking:


Dog naturally have barking behavior. Their barking is not meaningless. Some time they bark for food, to go outside, to see outside person, and in some accident condition.

When your pet dog bark listen him and say him to stop. After understand their nature solve their problem. Give him meal treat; take them outside for enjoyment and exercise.

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