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Top Diy Ideas for Pet Living Space


Are you worried about pet perfect living space?, because you have less budget. Now fun time is start for you that also release or solve your problem. Diy living space for pet not only safe your pet from outside life also lots of entertains them. Easy and quickly built diy house you can built anywhere in home like close to window, in bedroom, kitchen or living room. How  can it all will happen look below images!

Vintage Ladder Living Space for Pet:


You can easily craft the living space for your loving pet with an extra or useless vintage ladder. At a time your three pet can enjoy rest on high and cozy space. Towel and door carpet are used for arranging the pet bed. Swing style hammock also hangs with cute zigzag print towel. Your naughty cat entertains with towel hammock that hangs with low step of ladder.

Glass Balcony for A Mischief Pet Cat:


A pet cat that always entertains with your whole day working needs a high space for resting. Glass balcony keeps your loving cat safe from predators. Hangs the glass slander in balcony where cat see the all activities of outdoor people. Fresh air and sun heat that must need the cat in cold can easily attain. Transparent glass will give clear image of surrounding.

Creative Kitchen Cabinet Living Space:


If your pet dog wants to live with you when you do work in your kitchen you can provide it a perfect living space. Kitchen cabinets are great idea that you can design with side or front bee net and wood door. Place a fluffy blanket inside the cabinets. Pair of dogs can easily sleep and take rest in the cabinets. It’s the safest idea for winter days when dogs are search the cozy space.

Window Bench Living Space:


In your modern style home if you have built window seat under it you can make space for your pet. Like in above image half round hold design with upholstered cushion. Puppy can easily get best space over the cushion and enjoy log time. When you sit on your chair your puppy look after you and enjoy your activities.

Make The Most Comfy Bed:


Design the more comfy bed for your pretty cat in which at a time couple of cat can sit or just one. Jersey fabric strips hang in ceiling in which upholstered cushion are sewed .cat can take rest on high and low cushion. Above image define diy idea will be best exercise place for your cat. Cat can take high jump or see you from high place. You can get strips with your old sweat shirt and grab cushion in your home.

Natural Wood Diy Dog Bed:


Forget the old backyard dog house now it’s time to arrange friendly living space inside the door. Heavy natural wood log are used in crafting the dog be.  Comfy blanket slip in both high and low space on that pet dog feel relax. With this great idea you can give best sleep to your dog that best for their healthy life. With low and high jump pet dog can reach on high bed.

Diy Wooden Crate Cat Bed:


You can easily build the wooden crate bed for your pet cat. Under the corner set cat bed scratch post also design. Can with high jump reach inside the crate that   decorates with floral cushion. On brown color carpet white paint wood crate give awesome beauty. Jute rope is used for scratch purpose that wraps all around the crate one leg.
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