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Top 8 Summer Safety Tips For Dogs


Hello pet lovers! Keep alert about your pet health, because some time is here that mean fun and enjoyment for everybody. Long days of summer bring more activities and best guideline for your pet. You make your ready what you do and how you do for your pet in this summer. Enjoy our great ideas from below about pet life in summer days.

Hydrated Your Pet:


Pets like to spend most time in summer outdoor space; they need plenty of water to avoid from dehydration. To avoid the pet from dehydration keep fresh water and offer the pet after every thirty minutes. You can arrange the water for pet in a bowl. Mostly pet can drink an ounce of water per day three times.

Avoid From Sunburned:


Pets also become susceptible in summer from ultraviolet rays as human. White and black colored pets that have thin layered of hair on their body quickly become ill due to sunburned if you don’t care them. Dog sun suit and hats keep them safe from sunburned. Dog sunburned suit are in different color and size you can buy best size and color of suit for your pet. Dogs and cat’s nose and eyes are highly damage with sun rays because they are lightly pigment.

Avoid Heat Stroke:

Heat stroke is very serious symptoms in which other diseases are including like diarrhea, salivating, vomiting, and staggering. If suddenly pet get any of diseases call your vet immediately. You can low the temperature with soaking of towel that use on its body. Don’t drop down pet body temperature low from 102 to 103 degree F. to avoid the above define situation keep the pet under ventilation, and avoiding exercise during the dark sun heat.

Avoid From Hot Car:


It’s so importance for owner that doesn’t live the pet in the car. Most people ask why than our answer is in a 78 degree day temperature f a car reach 90 degree n the shade. Best idea to live the dog at home when you are driving the car. But all of that you want to go with pet than take water and water bowl for pet and take the dot with you when you leave the car.

Water Safety:


In summer days pet owner want to go on beach area with pet, these activities are best way to enjoy your friend. When you seat in boat with pet I advise you to buy a convenient handle that help you to stop the dog swimming. During swimming if pet drink seawater they will often get vomiting, in these critical situations connect with vet. After you enjoy with pet a cool day near the sea or beach, rinse your dog cloth, clean and dry the ear, otherwise get ear infection.

Fireworks and Thunderstorm:


Summer days become so silent at afternoon. Many pets are frightened and make loud noise. If your pet becomes stress, show abnormal behaves; to loud need it help of you.  Home treatment that is relax your pet at that time otherwise talk with your vet.

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