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Summer Cleaning Tips of Pet Dog

Hay pet lover as you all known summer season come you need to keep care of your per god. Today here we give our best tips that will help you how you can keep healthy the dog in summer days. Keep clean the pet puppy follow the following steps and get best knowledge.

Bathing the Dog:


Young puppy likes to spend more time outdoor in different activities. Puppies bounce at the time of bathing. Best idea to stop the dog bouncing during the bath arranges the toys in their bath tub. With bath tub toy idea your puppy’s attention drop down on the toy and you can easily give bath. Pick up the shampoo that best or recommended the dog vet. Sometime your god get allergic problem so vet recommended shampoo best suited for their health.


When you take bath keep care shampoo not disturbs the dog eyes and ears. Avoid shampoo on pet do head simply use the wet cloth. Make massage with shampoo from back to tail and then rinse water, after than you can dry the dog body with long towel.

Brushing the Dog:


Make brush on dog hair on regular bases it will keep the hair in good condition. Use natural oil on dog for makes them soft and silky. Brushing idea remove the dust from dog hair if you not give him bath.

Short Coat of Hair:

If you’re dog or puppy has short air you need to make brushing once time in a week. Always use rubber brush with loose skin of dog.

Long Coat of Hair:

For long hair of dog you need to make daily brushing in this way tangles will remove and hair give shine beauty. Dog extra long hair need clipping that it not come near to skin in summer season.

Skin Problem in Dog:


Dog skin in an appearance of overall beauty so whenever skin problem occur quickly connect with vet. During the skin problem your dog will extra scratching, chewing the body. Wide range of infection becomes reason of skin diseases.

Causes of skin problem:



Grooming product

Sarcoptic mange

Hormonal problem



You should exam and soon connect with vet when you see abnormality in pet dog. Your vet get a diagnostic test easily find out the reason of skin infection.

Dental Care of Dog:


Make regular brushing of dog teeth for healthy diet and chew of toys. Bacteria can cause build up blood from dog teeth and tooth loss. Make regular brush habit in dog first massaging the dog lips 30 to 60 second twice time in a day for a week and then brush. Don’t use human toothpaste on dog teeth because it can irritate the dog stomach. Ask your vet for knowing about best toothpaste for dog brushing.

Paw Care of Dog:


Protect the dog paws provide it extra cushioning. On regularly bases check the dog paws and make sure these are free from dust particles and other infection. During summer season your dog paw feel warm so avoid walking on pavement or sand. If suddenly it gets minor burn that use antibacterial wash otherwise checkup your vet. When you are going to give exercise to dog confirm that place is free from stones and broken glass.

Nail Care of Dog:


Cut the nail of dog when these touch the ground. Two type of nail clippers are used for dog nail trimming one is guillotine and other last one is scissors type. You can take help in selection of nail cutter from vet or dog groomer. Rub your hand up and down the dog legs and then genteelly cut ail.

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