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Small Sharks for Freshwater and Saltwater Home Aquariums

Sharks are the true glory of oceans and viewing them for long time, in actual, is really a fun. Fish lovers who own fish for home aquarium spend joyful time in lovely pet company. Looking fish also bets cure for getting relief form stress and depressions.

Sharks are world’s dangerous predators that consider not perfect option for home aquarium. Don’t be worried, I say no just for bigger sharks. There are number of sharks recommended for aquarium living. Smaller sharks found at lagoons and shallow reefs are suitable for smaller to larger aquarium. Some need 30-40 gallon water aquarium and some live well in 180-200 gallons water tanks.

These aggressive predators need special care and quite tricky too train for hand fed. Small aquarium shares have much more demand. These sharks are divided into two categories as; freshwater aquarium sharks or salt water.

Fresh Water Aquarium Shark:

Freshwater aquarium is best for home. These requite less effort and budget then saltwater aquarium. These tanks established and maintain accurately without any experience. If you are not interested in keeping multiple fish in tanks then freshwater sharks are awesome pets.

There are not actually sharks but we call them sharks because of their physical resemblance and feeding habit to ocean sharks. In larger tanks they claim territory stay there comfortably with other fish otherwise in smaller tanks they show aggressive nature.

Red tails shark:

Red tail shark, is also known as red-tail black shark belonging to carp family. Black body with red tails looks so attractive. Flashy tails and glowing black body are it distinctive feature. It assume perfect for fresh water aquarium. These fish reach to 16cm length at maturity and can live about 8 years in best captivity. Maintain pH between 6.8 -7.5 while temperature 22oC-26oC

Rainbow shark:

Rainbow shark belongs to South Asian freshwater fish family Cyprinidae. Ruby shark, red-fin shark, Rainbow sharkminnow, whitefin shark and green fringelip labeo are further names refer to rainbow shark. Bright blue, black and red-orange color fish has flat body and pointed snout.

These aquarium sharks live closer to mid-levels and bottoms of the tanks and eat food partials leftover by other fish. Algae is the favorite food, these are true predators don’t sit light until kill their prey. Cover water tank or aquarium as these fish are keen of jumping out of water.

Bala shark:

Bala sharks also member of Cyprinidae family. You can also call it tricolor shark minnow, silver shark or tricolor shark. Torpedo body shape, big eyes and larger fins are visible characteristic make is similar it shark fish. It grows about 34 cm in aquarium.

They stay peaceful with other tropical fish. They are perfect fish as they adjust in every environment. Tolerate temperature and pH change as well. These fish need roomy space for better swimming and healthy growth.

Iridescent shark:

Iridescent shark is catfish shark species relate to Pangasiidae family. It assume suitable for those who want to own shark a pet, iridescence and glowing fish is not a shark but has shark-like appearance. It reaches up to 4 ft in Aquarium.

Grey color fish name at their body appearance. These are perfect freshwater pet but for those who own then with great care. They need 40 gallon water tank and group for living. You see the active most part of the day.

Bamboo shark:

Bamboo shark or white spotted bamboo shark is smart choice for home aquarium. These are carpet shark stay at bottom of the tanks. These don’t harm humans so be happy it perfect for you. White and dark sport on body makes bamboo –like texture. They rest in days and come out at night for feeding.

Other shark for freshwater tank:

Flying fox, silver Apollo shark and Chinese hi-fin shark are some other playful sharks suitable for freshwater living at larger scale.

Saltwater aquarium fish tank:

Saltwater aquarium is amazing effort to provide natural habitat to fish just like ocean. These tanks are productive for sea water fish even sharks. Smaller sharks that are actual shark spices are consider for saltwater aquarium.

Arranging aquarium, Maintains, feeding and care of salt water tank required enough budget and time devotion .Temperate, ph balance, light each and everything should be appropriate. If you have bility to provide all these things then brings in saltwater shark for real adventure.

The Cat shark:

Almost all saltwater aquarium sharks are ground sharks. Catshark belongs to largest shark family Scyliorhindae. Gato and dogfish are other names of catshark. Elongate body reach to 80cm in normal. Strips patch and spots of body make it appearance even more attractive. Catshark are not active swimmer rest in daylight and prey at nights within small area. Australian Marble catshark and coral catshark are favorite aquarium sharks.

The wobbegong:

Are group of 12 carpet sharks founds in western Pacific and India Ocean. Their family name is Orectolobidae. Wobbegong are bottom dwellers love to live at tank floors. These sharks reach to 10 ft in length at mature age. These are not so harmful for human. Extra large aquarium with enough roomy space is ideal for these sharks. Feed twice in a week.

The Epaulettes:

Hemiscylliidae family member Epaulette shark is tropical shark found at high shallows and larger reefs. These also carpet shark. These sharks are native to Australia and New Guinea. These are so attractive and they name at their lovely appearance especially white-black spots at back pectoral fins.

You can own them as pet and also feel safe because these are not too dangerous like big predators. They love roomy space, bottom feeding, sandy beds and of course raw shrimps.


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