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Sea Stars as Pet- How to Take Care of Your Pet


Star-like fish become popular pet got popularity due to its shapes and appealing colors. Being sea star in homes makes you pleasant and amazingly spends your time with them. Stat fish is also names as sea star, star-like and salt-star fish whatever word you used to call it its marvelous creation available in more than 2000 species. As it live sea star fish live in salt water aquarium. These fishes have five leg but not all star fish have legs. We call then star fish but the real fact is that sea star is not a fish. Seas stars belong to phylum echinoderms family   have five-point radial symmetry. These stars found in deep water near tropical areas. They also live in cold water.

Amazing facts about sea stars


Sea star is not fish

Starfish live in salt water

All sea star have not 5 legs

They regenerate their lost arms

It drop arm when feel threat by predators.

Sea stars have leathery or prickly skin which has protected Armor.

Sea stars have water vascular system instead of blood.

Hundreds of Tube feet help it to move.

Starfish have inside-out stomachs

Each arm has eyes at the end.


I think you are more excited to bring a star fish in homes after reading these interesting facts about its. Starfish is lovely pet glow aquarium charm let come here we just start to talk about how to take care of a starfish

Preparing habitat for your pet


Starfish is salt water breed and more sensitive about the salinity of water in a tank.   Pick up larger size aquarium tank  that carry 1.022 to 1.025 salinity water. It will allow sticking closer to higher end of spectrum otherwise lower salinity level becomes the cause of pet end. You also have   to consider temperature level of water carefully examined that the temperature level between 72 -76 degree Fahrenheit. 30 gallon water tank is best for your pet with full spectrum lights and powerful filtration system.   Decorate Aquarium with rock that purchased for any pet store or adorn with decorative kit and natural habitat both are suitable for starfish.

Be careful when introducing a starfish


Star fish is extremely sensitive pet can be harmed with suddenly changing of PH values and salinity level in a tank. You must have to acclimate starfish to tank. It needs care, deliberate and leisure while shifting sea star in tank from the bag. Turn off light and float fish bag in surface of salinity water about 15 minutes   which normalized temperature inside the bag than discard some water in bag, approximately one ounce, and stay about three minutes. Repeat this procedure until bag filled with aquarium water. Now it time to release starfish in aquarium but be gentle and restore tank lights.

Feed you sea star


Starfish are carnivores and we also know that they have inside and out stomachs feed on frozen sea foods. Microscopic forms of algae are food of small stars fish. Provide vitamin supplements for their good health. They may feed on daily or weekly bases they depend on their type. You can directly give feed to your starfish or provide food below their bodies as they have underside mouth.

Health and care


Sea star needs enough space to roam. Pick up hundred or more water gallon tank with lot of rocks, coral and sand bottoms to give them natural habitat. Avoid to give copper based medications directly into the tank as it may caused to toxic to starfish. Star fish intend to live alone so it better to keep one in an aquarium. Keep your eyes on health on pet because these are many health issues that a starfish face like color loss, white spot, fungus, disfigurement and limps problems are more common in sea stars.

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