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Pet Rabbit Indoor Durable Housing Ideas

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If you also have pet rabbit and want to keep indoor space then go through our today post. For lovely and sharp bunny multi type’s hutch are designs. In our collection bunny condo, cage, pens, and simply proofed room are discus. For two to three bunny these hutch are reasonable. If you are also enjoying luxury life style that assure you can afford a room for your pet rabbit. How you can decorate the bunny room you can get idea from our collection.

Look below!

Pet Bunny Indoor Cage Diy Condo:

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For your pet bunny indoor Diy cage is affordable piece. Smooth trays are used for divide the cage in to different height. Colorful bunny house decorate with water bowl, hay, and a litter box. Rabbit can enjoy jump from top to bottom with clean and clear space. Recycled paper liter lay down inside the cage that also keeps clean the home carpet.

Custom Made Bunny House:

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On wood floor with recycled paper layer you can set the metal frame rabbit house. Wood steps are design inside the cage at different length. Litter box fill with hay set at ground floor with one water bowl. If you have more than two bunnies they can easily live in this big size cage. In summer season cool air will enjoy the rabbit and you can open the door for their walk time.

Pet Rabbit Home Decoration:

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If you’re pet rabbit lucky enough to be given a special room then how you can decorate it get idea from above image. This room prevents your pet rabbit from outdoor accidents. You can easily provide the best sleeping, feeding and toilet area in this room decoration. Clear and clean environment keep healthy and happy your rabbit.

Recycled Pet Rabbit Hutch:

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It’s an Amazing idea for a rabbit hutch at indoor place look in above image. An old table first polish and net door are design for fresh air entering. Inside the rabbit hutch a wood powder like material used that provide soft floor to the rabbit. Water feeder hang in front door net that provide fresh water to your rabbit.

Cool Living Room Pet Rabbit Housing:

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In cool living room you can arrange pet rabbit hutch. Big size fence with woof base is made. Inside the fence area warm blanket are lay down and divide into different segments. Water bowl, vegetable tray, litter box, wood stool, and a round circle place that enough for pet rabbit living. You can easily provide everything on daily base to your favorite bunny.

Pet Rabbit Luxury Hutch:

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I like so much this indoor bunny hutch that give luxury look. In above image Very safe rabbit hutch that is built with all necessary material detail. Glass roof and door are arranged with wood blocks that are for sleeping purpose. Black and red strip carpet lay down inside the bunny hutch. You can enjoy two to three rabbit in big size bunny house.

Deluxe Bunny Hutch:

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Say welcome to this style bunny hutch for indoor home. Small size pet rabbit home built with red wire roof and light gray plastic base. The roof opens to allow full access to the interior for all maintenance. A plastic wood dish secure to the balcony floor so pet rabbit cannot slip the bowl. Drip water proof bottle and hay guard also set outside the cage.
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