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How Pet Cat Can Safe in Winter Tips

The winter season is hard for pet life. Pet owner need to keep warm up and safe pet cat during cold months. Because cats can get more rick at outdoor space that danger for their life. The great prescription in winter for pet cat keeps it indoor with family and you. Cat love curling in winter so warm place arrange them and check their food. Many other things that keep care in winter in pet cat situation you can learn from below!

Keep Your Cat Indoor:


As you know after some days winter season come on boots level so you need to keep your pet cat indoor. Your old cat joint stiff and become uncomfortable in winter and it feel difficult in jumping, you need to find favorite place for sleeping. Normally in summer she sleeps on floor but now warm and cozy and high bed is essential need.

Walking In Winter At Outdoor:


Cats should be encouraged to keep spending few hours outdoor adapt your cat a thicker coat. If cat want to sit on floor you should draft free shelter with shavings, straw, waterproof burlap, or heavy plastic. Many things on road can give serious injury to your cat like snow, chemical, salt, ice. Be careful and pay extra attention on your pet cat.

Food & Exercise:


In snow fall weather condition you feel that you cannot give much exercise to your pet cat as in summer. You need to monitor the cat weight and food, reduce the amount of food to stop the weight over in cold weather. When temperature is low use plastic food and check the water bowl. Give clean water otherwise it will drink anti-freeze water that dangerous for its life.

Don’t Leave Your Cat Alone In Car:

The House Favourite Operates Machine.

When you are traveling with your pet cat doesn’t leave it alone in car. Cat seek warm through engine and sleep over it so give hood of your car. This wills safe your cat from any injury.
Don’t leave your pet car alone in car during cold weather because after sometime inside of car as cold as refrigerator.

Ice & Snow:


Check your cat paws after outdoor walk. We commonly see cases of ear and paws affection that result of irritation. Use dry towel to prevent from itchy skin.

Avoid From Antifreeze Poisoning:


Sweet taste of antifreeze attracts the children and animal but it’s deadly poisoning. Wipe up it’s out of reach. Make sure that you remove all antifreeze containers from your car and tightly sealed them and in the garage.

Hot Spot:

domestic cat on the bed

Cats like curling in cozy place need to prevent them from burn and fire, wood stoves, and heaters. Car warm engine are also favorite place for cat in cold weather so bang on bonnet before starting your car.

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