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How to Live In Germs-Free Home with Pet


Are you having a pet in home? Be conscious these pets become greater source of spreading germs as cleanliness experts says that germs can passed for person to person directly or indirectly that cause to generate health problem. You are not in position to face any health problem serious or minor. It’s better to spend to pay attention in hygienic cleaning rather than spending lot of money and scarify health. Pet are valued members   affectionate with you and more attached with you and have greater threat of germ prevention. According to researcher owner of pet animals and birds more likely face diseases as well as some health benefits. Medical physicians fine lower stress level and energetic behavior then other person.


Pet like cat and dogs are running behind your from door to door, sit on your couch, chewing and playing in living room with different thing look nice as it bring smile on your face yet it also become source of spreading bacteria and harmful germs. So overcome this attention catching problems proper grooming and hygiene cleaning is necessary which ensure to prevention of germs. Here we discuss some important cleaning that is vital for good health.

Groom Your Pet


Firstly the main factor which needs more attention is pet grooming. Some owner show careless attitude toward pet grooming that not good. Pet regular grooming is necessary otherwise it harmful for both pet and owner.

Brush pet coat regularly to remove dead hairs and oil skin which mostly look on couches, pillows and carpets.

Regularly Teeth brushing are important step in protecting pet.

Treat for fleas, intestinal worms and parasites to make sure that pet stay health. Healthy pet is good for your health.

Cats and dogs paws are bigger source of spreading traces of urine and feces so wipe paws with damp cloth regularly to clean your floor clean and germs free.

Trims claws to reduce the risk of infection of scratches.

Pet Health


Health and active pet are god gift for you that make you pleased with its cute and loving behaviors. Sometime pet face some heath problems which not comes in your sights which just examine by medical veterinarian. Frequently take your pet to vet for checkup and provide proper vaccination if you fine sign of ill health.

Suggest with related vet of vaccination.

Avoid giving human medications or pain killers.

Personal Health


You have to pay attention on your health as well as pet. Healthy and active life depend over you follow instructions to create a protective shield which restrict germ to harm you.

Wash hands after handling, playing with pet or when you pick anything related with pets like toys, litter box, cages, and beddings.

Wash hand before and after preparing and serving food to pet.

Also encourage family members and children to wash hand with good anti bacterial soap after handling pet.

Clean Litter Box


Smelly and dirty litter box (ewwl) show your indolence behavior. Its bad odor along with germs spread in surrounding which is unhealthy toward you family.

Clean litter box by flushing after each use.

Clean Surface and Floors Frequently In Pet Use


Pet walk and run for room to room. Use entrance ways to come inside and outside the home, climbed on surfaces and   area of serving food need proper cleaning.

Clean out frequently use entrance ways and litter box areas.

Throw spare towel in doorways to wipe muddy paws   which can trap in germs and bacteria.


Disinfest floor with good quality products.

Avoid using bleach on carpets when pet soils as bleach and urine may react.

Hygienically cleaned carpets by steam cleaning.

Hygienically Clean Pet House


Clean out pet living bed or box neatly ones a week, changing bedding and washed it with anti bacterial products. Clean their food and water try regularly.

Purchase bedding which have removable covers and washable features.

Eliminate germs, fur, odors and bacteria with Landry sanitizer.

Prefer non-fragrance or low- fragrance detergents to wash pet beddings.

Hygienically clean bedding with laundry sanitizer if pet is sleep in your bed.

Feeding Precaution


Wash hand and washable foods before serving food.

Keep pet food separate from human foods.

Serve food in pet own food bowl or tray.


Clean and disinfest floor areas around food bowls after your pet finish food.

Avoid to use highly fragrance product as pet are sensitive nose.

Do not allow pet to share your plate and also stay ways from licking your face.

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