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How to Keep Wallaby as Pet



Wallaby is the medium sized species. They belong to Australia. Wallaby is keep as pet in rural and urban areas. It can also having number of species. They can also belong to kangaroo family. They can also categorize in six large species.

Physical traits;


Wallaby physical characteristics are according to their species. Wallaby size is 6 feet head to tail. Their weight is also 2 to 24 kg. They can also having powerful hind legs that used for jumping and fighting. They used their legs for long jumps. They can also use their tail for gripping and balance their body during sitting.

Wallaby species group;

Wallaby having some species group such as

Shrub wallabies


Brush wallabies


Brush wallabies


Rock wallabies


Personality traits;

 Wallabies are also having divide large and small species. They can pretend their behavior according to their species.

Large species;

Large species are diurnal. They become active at day. They can also live in group and feed with other animals.

Small species;

Small species are nocturnal. They become active at night. They can also like live solitary.

Wallaby diet;


Wallabies are herbivores species. They can like vegetables, grass, leaves and other foliage. They can leave their thirst with salty sea water.

Wallaby housing;


When you keep as pet then take care and provide proper housing for their living. They required large space for living in outdoor and indoor setting. In warm season they wish outdoor eating according to their desire. They need large space for jumping and hiding according to their requirement. Also take care for temperature of their housing. In indoor housing they required below 50 degree temperature required.

Health and care;


Wallaby is also required proper health and care. When you keep as pet then take care of their health. They fell in different diseases. They can get vitamin C and selenium deficiency. So, take care of their annual check. If any disease occurs then quickly consult for veterinarian.

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