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How to Keep Sheep as Pet


 Sheep is well known ruminant mammal that can kept as livestock and also having a pet. It is cute far animal which based people like it and kept as pet. Sheep are also used as agriculture purpose such as meat and milk.

Life span;

Sheep life span is consisting almost 10 to 12 years.

Facts about sheep;

There are some facts about sheep that can provide some suggestion to keep as pet.

They can have good observing sense for anything.

They can also good memory.

Sheep are also self medicated animal they can cure their illness with specific plants and herbs.

Sheep are independent animal.

Being a mother is more responsible for their lamb.

Physical appearance;


Sheep is looking cute animal. It is fully fur that can look pretty. Sheep male weight is usually 45 to 160 kg and their female sheep weight is also 45 to 100 kg. Their body color is pure white and dark brown or black spots in their body. Female sheep is well known as Ewes and male sheep is known as rams.



Sheep are good natured according to their breed. It cans also having good sight and hearing. They also have strong flocking behavior.



Sheep are well known herbivores mammals. They eat green grass and plants. It is digestible food. When you keep as pet then provide green grass and plants for their good health.



When you keep sheep as pet then their grooming is most essential. Their fur is need to brushing and cleaning with clean water. When you keep as pet then take care of their grooming. Fur cutting is more important because infection occur in their heavy fur. So, if you keep then cutting of their fur regularly every 3 months.

Health and care;


 Sheep need proper care when you keep as pet. They can also need proper vaccination. When your sheep fell in illness then provide proper veterinarian check up.


Sheep are good pet and livestock animal. Most people like it and keep as pet. When you keep as pet then proper take care about their sheep.

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