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How to Keep English Angora Rabbit as Pet



Angora rabbit is one of the popular rabbit bread. It is the domestic rabbit type. Angora rabbit is cute fur rabbit that can cover with their hair. . Angora rabbits are also having number of species that can popular in the world.

Species of Angora rabbit;

Here are four species of Angora rabbit.

English angora rabbit

French angora rabbit

Giant angora rabbit

Satin angora rabbit

English Angora rabbit;


English Angora rabbit is one of the popular Angora rabbit species. This rabbit is fully covered with fur on full body. English angora is the most common rabbit type that can keep as pet. People like it their feature and wool. English Angora rabbit is looking cute and look like puppy and teddy bear.

Life span;

Their life span is 7 to 10 years.

Physical appearance;


English Angora rabbit is cut and chic rabbit. English angora is fully fur covered rabbit. Except nose and face their full body such as head, eye, thick legs, bally and tail is covered with soft white fur. Their wool is dense and need for grooming. English Angora rabbit weight is 2.0 to 3.5 kg. It is also white in colored.

Personality traits;


English Angora rabbit is nature wise gentle rabbit. They can also friendly and social rabbits. English rabbit bread is too intelligent so if you keep as pet then easily trained. They also learn toilet training. They can quickly attach with family members.

Due to their appearance and personality traits people like it and keep as pet.



English Angora rabbit needs grooming. Their wool fur is dense to take care of their groom. If English Angora rabbit keep as pet then grooming is essential twice in a week. You should brush their hair on regular basis. Grooming is very important because lack of groom they fell in disease.



English Angora rabbit can need high protein and high fiber food. Hay and grass is also more suitable their diet. Hay is more helpful prevent for blockage of wool. They also required 1/3 cup twice a day. If you keep as pet then provide proper feeding as they required. They also need food supplements for their good health.



English Angora rabbits are required large space wire bottom cage. Wire bottom is helpful for their cleaning of urine and stool. Their feet are puffy and not feel pain in their feet. You should also keep rest pad in their cage for resting. Their cage size is large at height and width.

Health and care;


For their health you should take care of their grooming, feeding and cleaning. You should follow all above instruction and keep best as pet. Proper veterinarian check up is also essential for their good health.


English Angora rabbit is cut and intelligent. People keep as pet due their characteristics. If you keep as pet then follow all instruction and keep as pet.

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