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Ideal Types of Cattle Shed For Housing

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While you plan to establish   cattle form of dairy you have to consider many things include cattle type, their market prices, calf price determination,   farm and feeding source. Prior to bring cattle fist select right location where you have to breed cattle. Cattle farm and dairy is most important need sufficient budget and planning.  Investment of amount in right place giving you high profit in return. Carefully think well purchasing a land for farm and the shed design to protect cattle from weather effects. The shed must be cost be productive, durable and airy. Shed is secure sheltered for dairy animal protects them for weather conditions. You can choose cattle shed according to business either you breed beef cattle of dairy cattle. Here we are going to describe considered able points helpful for selecting proper shed.

Beef cattle shed:

Beef cattle are breaded to supply enough amount of meat in market.  That way the owner provides lot of food for quick growth. Open yard and barn is both suitable shed for beef cattle with adequate sanitation system.

Dairy cattle shed:

Dairy cattle required extra care then beef cattle. Dries and improper shed my effect their food intaking and poor health which can causes   of decreases in milking production. Thatway dairy cattle owner are choosy for their cattle shedding which protect their animals from extreme seasonal effects.

Basic factors considered while creating cattle shed.

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 Herd size:

The cattle shed size is highly bases over the herd size. There is approximately 2.5 to 3 m space fixed for individual animal where they can move easily if water and food supple away from the hosing area. . In warmth areas if you provide the water and food under the shed then require space increases to 3-4m2 per animal.  Shad space in very according to weather condition.  In warmth area animal need airy space while in chill region they need heat so bring closer cattle.

Soil type:

There are two common types of soil, fertile soil and foundation soil.  Fertilized soil is best for cultivation yet not best for shed bedding.

Convenience access:

Select the farm location that is near to main road has easy accessibility for transport.


Environment and surrounding play important role in the productivity of cattle, peaceful and natural surrounding is best for their growth.  Know either there are the possibility of any wild animal or other predator necessary to select the security and fencing for far.


Proper lighting and running other machinery you have in need of electric connection. Make the surety of Electricity supply for both the cattle and the labor.


Proper sanitation system is necessary to clean the farm for waste to provide clean and health environment.

Water supply:

Make sure the availability of clean and fresh water throughout the day.


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For the durability and long live featuring select a material for farm shedding.  Wood and iron frame shed are come for cattle housing.

Types of housing:

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Cattle are great investment which give amazing return if you provide proper housing, feeding and care facilities.  Open surrounding and plain flooring with single robe tie is suitable if you have individual cow but it’s now good option for commercial cattle. They have to provide proper housing to their cattle which classified as:
•    Loose housing system
•    Dairy barn

Loose housing system:

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Loose housing system is cost effective and durable housing for cattle in which cow kept free and just tied at the time of milking and vaccination.  You can easily extend the shed without changing previous structure.  It’s best for socialized cattle. They feel free and style happy that good for you. They graze lesser and milking more.

Dairy barn:

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Dairy barn is more common housing type in American regions in which cattle are keep is their individual compartment. Here we have some basic typed of dairy barn:
•    Bank barn
•    Round and polygonal barn
•    Tobaccos barn
•    English barn
•    Dutch barn
•    Crib barn
•    Prairie barn

Deep-bedded shed:

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Deep bedding system is right option if you have small herd of cattle.  Straw, hays, sawdust and other bedding material is thrown on the ground to provide comfortable and soft resting space. It’s best type of floor which brings ease in handling their wet and waste.

Tie-stall shed:

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Tie stall shed it modern type of cattle shed equipped with advance technology. All feeding to milking equipments are facilitated in this shed which reduced the labor demand.  All work is down with machinery with lesser human support.

Other types of cattle shed:

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Single row and double row shed is design door smaller herd farm.  Each row is having 10 cows or more depend on the area you specified for cattle housing. Duple row shed is best alternative which are further divided into systems which are;
•    Tail to tail system
•    Face to face system

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