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How to Handle Emperor Scorpions as Pet


Emperors Scorpions are frequently become popular pet as it is quite easy to handle them. Emperor Scorpions are arthropodain belongs to scorpionidas family native to rainforest that found in West Africa. Emperor Scorpions are larger size scorpion species.


Emperor Scorpions are 20 to 23 cm with average 30 gram weights. Emperor Scorpions have black bodies which glow in green or blue hue under lights.

Life span

Emperor Scorpions live for 6 to 8 years in captivity.



Emperor Scorpions are less dangerous r Scorpions species yet there also a threat in breeding Emperor Scorpions as they pinch you with their pedialps. They are quite docile yet they difficult to handle. Many people recommended avoiding handling Emperor Scorpions as pet.

How to care you Emperor Scorpions pet

It you are interested to breed a Emperor Scorpions as pet then you have to follow care chart to get full awareness about how to keep v as pets safely. Here we tell you about how to take care of pet.



Emperor Scorpions need proper heat and humidity environment that little difficult to provides as it need more attention and equipment. Medium side ventilated glass or acrylic fish tank or box with   lid covers is suitable option for housing. You can keep individual Emperor Scorpions or group in single place. Spread heat sheet in bottom of tank and placed couple of thigh for their hiding. They need   day time temperature so keep warm and cooling ornament to maintain temperature. Plenty of Bark and rock also placed in tank to keep v active. They use them in climbing and hiding purposes.



Emperor Scorpions like to eat crickets, mealworms and locusts. Provided them healthy diet also considered that each and every Emperor Scorpions   take proper amount of food if you placed them in single place. Emperor Scorpions baby easily eat small insects and pinhead crickets. Never used hand while feed your pet. Use tongs for feeding. Normally a Emperor Scorpions eat 2 to 3 crickets at a time and only single time in a week.



Emperor Scorpions are not messy creation yet clean their houses once in a week. Pick up food particle carefully. Used friendly disinfect to clean Emperor Scorpions tank after 2 to 3 month.

Heath and care

Emperor Scorpions may faces few health problems so carefully examine temperature level as overheated environment keep them active while cool   temperature lower their metabolism process that way Emperor Scorpions leave to eat. Emperor Scorpions also need adequate exercise. You can easily provide proper exercise within their habitation. Emperor Scorpions are nocturnal pets walk over nights. They   hide during day time and active at nights.



Emperor Scorpions are dangerous pet its best to stay away of them. If you handle them they may bit or harm with their stings. Use food container and other thing to shift them to other places. Also ensure that tank has stronger enclosure and tightly places. If you   capture them in hand then hold then below their stings.

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