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Easy & Handmade Scratching Post Ideas for Cat


For your lovely cat scratching post surface is essential. Scratching behavior of every cat is normal that best for their groom claws and healthy nails. Affordable, functional and long lasting wood slide you can easily move any place where your cat feels relax. Slide stretching spot also entertain your cute cat. It can easily take again and again slide without any injury.

Traffic Cone Cat Scratching Post:


It’s so fancy traffic cone cat scratching post that you can craft at home. You will need rustic twin, hot glue gun, Pom-pom flower spray paint for above image define crafting. Neatly wrapped the rope or twine from top to end point. Two pom-pom flowers hang on cone that can attract your cat. On wood smooth floor flat base of traffic cone easily stand.

Bar Stool Scratching Post:


For cat scratching post you can used bar stool that you have store in your home. Its four legs give wide space for creating the distress spot with that your cat get full satisfaction. Turn the bar stool in continues scratching post is easy and budget idea. Your cat can easily go at bar stool and hang with its long legs.

Minimalist Scratching Post:


The Diy minimalist scratching post is perfect for your little cat. Anywhere in home you can set the slide style wood furniture. Not long or costly material used in this scratching post jute wood plate and jute used. Center of wood try selected for wrapping the thick rope. Cat run from low side to top and scratch the body, mouth, and claws on it.

Wood Pallet Scratch Post:


Diy cat scratch post made from wood pallet. More natural and unique idea is this one that recycle with wood pallet. Instead of buy a new one we have advice you to create himself. Zigzag style of pole help in easy hang the cat. Cat behavior of scratching the body on distress surface keep them relax and healthy. They feel active after doing this activity and once again time ready for doing interesting activities.

Flower Vase Cat Scratch Post:


In every home floor flower vase are used for decoration purpose. Now you can enjoy your big size flower vase for beauty and cat scratching body purpose. Just wrap the vase with jute rope from top to bottom and keep it on floor. Your cat several times can go near to vase and scratch the body.

Recycle Tree-Limb Cat Scratching Post:


Wrapped manila rope around recycle tree-limb and enjoy final look of cat scratching post. Round wood log base fully supported the twigs that arrange in center. If you have pair of cat they at a time scratch their bodies. You can put the tree-limb scratching post in home garden. It’s not as heavier that you cannot load another space.

Wall Mounted Scratch Post:


Really awesome scratching post with that your pet cat also takes jump. For fatty cat exercise is necessary if you want to keep it active. Wall mounted scratching post when you stuck with wall it should not much high. Sisal rope will be favorite that provide best scratch of cat body. You can easily found the furniture plate anywhere in home.
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