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How to Deal With Pet Shark


People that love with shark want to enjoy them at house. But lover of shark don’t know which types of shark are best for home as pet. Here we tell you whose breeds of shark you can easily turn in to your aquarium.

Pet shark:

Horn Cat shark

Leopard shark

Zebra shark

Red tail shark

Bala shark

Bamboo shark

Rainbow shark

Chinese hi-fin banded shark

Red tail shark:


Red tail shark have black color body with their orange-red tail. You can easily put these types of shark in aquarium. Red tail shark look like gold fish. There body size is round about 16 cm. red tail shark can enjoy their life up to 8 years. Always keep the high weight lid on top of red tail shark house because these make big jump.


Red tail shark has aggressive nature and don’t like other shark. When you keep two red tail sharks in same aquarium the one will protect other from eating and resting. These breeds of shark go at the bottom of their house for food searching.


You should buy the 170 litres large aquarium for red tail shark. You don’t put other shark in red tail shark aquarium.



Red tail shark are omnivores. In fresh water these shark can eat each and every thing that you put. You should give red tail shark mix diet at regular bases.


Red tail shark lay eggs and have hard behavior for sex. Female have large body size as compare to male.

Bala shark:


Bala shark have typically known in with their silver skin color tone. These are not mostly count in shark breed but due to their torpedo body shape listed in pet shark. Bala shark are endanger to enjoy as pet. These types of shark can grow up to 33 cm in length. Bala shark life span is 10 years.


For younger youngest Bala shark aquarium should be large. Plant aquarium is best suited for Bala shark life.


Bala shark are peaceful and can enjoy their life with others. But these become threaten if you lay them in small or little house.


Diets like plants are best to wards for Bala shark. These can also eat the other small fishes and always search the food at bottom of aquarium.


Log aquarium is best suited for breeding in the life of Bala shark.

Bamboo Shark:


Bamboo shark are also well known with other name long tail-carpet shark. These have small body size and cannot grow too much. Bamboo sharks Adult are growing in brown color body.


Bamboo shark are solitary, these can make large group with others.


Due to their small size bamboo shark only can hunt small prey.


Female bamboo laid the eggs and then their kids pup inside the eggs.

Rainbow shark:


Rainbow shark are fresh water shark. The other names of rainbow shark are green fringe lip shark, ruby shark, whitetail shark. Rainbow shark have semi aggressive nature. Their body is in dark blue and bright blue form. Fins of rainbow shark grown in red to orange color patter. These can grow 15 cm range.


Rainbow shark have calm behavior. Mostly live in mid of aquarium. With other fishes these shark can make fight.


Minimum 30 gallon requires for rainbow with 5 to 11 HD water hardness.


These are not come down in herbivores and omnivores range. Food like insects, tubifex worms, spinach include in their diet.


Reproduction period for rainbow shark is difficult in aquarium. These breeds of shark lay eggs.

Chinese hi-fin banded shark:


These types of shark are best and popular for fresh water. These sharks grow 4 to 5 fit in length. Three dark colors are found on Chinese hi-fin banded shark body. Their life span is 25 years. These grow is slow movement.


Chinese hi-fin banded shark as you know gown in large body size so you need to arrange the large tank for keep them as pet.


These sharks are great in dieting. Food like vegetable is batter for their health. Other plants are also including in Chinese hi-fin banded shark feeding.


When these breeds shark breeding season come male develop tubercles on their fins and cheek and female get lumpier.

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