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What to do to control rabbit if bites you


Bunnies, rabbits, are cool minded and peaceful creation as you can enjoy pleasant company with them but sometime a shocking moment comes in life when your bunny bites you. It rare matter seem occasionally. Circling, mounting and biting are the major reaction of aggression or defending policies adopted by the rabbit in some cases.

If you read about their behaviors it comes to knowledge that naturally rabbits are frightening and peaceful creation which does not show anger.  Anyhow there, must be some serious causes behind biting. Protective behavior of rabbit toward their food, bed, toys and other belongings is major reason. They also bite while attempting to defend. They do this when they feel threat from you. Why your bunny bits you there is lots of reason behind it because rabbits pretend like a cute and cuddly creature.

Biting by a bunny is an unpleasant experience which does not has significant health effects for you but it really hurts you rabbit as they adopt these behaviors for communication. They generally bits or nip when something disturbs them. Carelessness may lead such a disaster so it’s better to figure out the reason behind these serious reactions.

What’s the quick reaction after bunny bits?

What to do first is the most important question need attention. I’m talking about your reaction when the situation occurs.

Step 1:

Whatever the reason of biting doesn’t lose temper as it curial for your pet rabbit. Avoid hitting rabbits when they bit you and not toss him across the room. Most pet owner hit the newspaper another light eight this which do not physically hurts them but this action may increase the  aggression. So be polity with you r bet bring green hay or water and pet their back which love.

Step 2:

Check the wound it is minor or serious.  Clean it by wiping it with wet cotton or washed it off by applying anti-biotic soap. Disinfection is further process after cleaning the wound. Apply antibiotic cream and bandage the area. If wound is deeper and bleed consistently them go for medical treatment.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to think about your bunny that bits you. Figure out the reason behind this reaction because you can do anything until you know the reason. There are many more causes behind this action but never feel that ‘your bunny hates you’. Rabbits are playful and affectionate pet gently live until they feel something stranger or freighting. Here we enlist the major reason for rabbit’s bits for you assistance as it will help you to find out the actual matter.


Finial step is how to stop the biting without hurting you bunnies. Positive reinforcement theory is best for this in which you have to spend more time with them and also behave them politely and with love. Give treats while learning then to stop when you say ‘no bite’. Physical discipline is not good for bunnies so never try it ever.

Reasons of rabbit biting

There my aggressive and non-aggressive reason behind the rabbits which discuss below in details.

Non aggressive bit reasons:

Normally rabbits bit when they have to hold their partner neck during mating season and they do this with humans, animals and other objects  to attempt the mate which it totally an non-aggressive reason. Poor eyesight, nervousness are also non-aggressive behaviors behind the bits. Sometimes bunny also feels afraid from you and bit when you try to carry them.  That may frighten from the way of holding them.

Aggressive reason of rabbit bits:

Aggression is common reason for rabbit’s bits just like other pets.  The main points why you pet feel aggression.


As is first explain rabbits are protective for their cage, food, toys and other belonging. So when they feel someone try to touch their protective they attack in case of bits. It’s the normal reason behind the aggression. So it better to clean the bunny cage when they are not there and also carful while picking their stuff. Put them at same point from where you pick theme after cleaning them nicely.  If they saw miss ordering they aggressively behave. So face this problem bring some green grass or hay in their house and pet them until they forget about it.  Distracting is another way of solving this problem.

Bunnies need attention:

Rabbits bits and nip when they want your attention. Sometime we forget our pet in busy day as it feels difficult to bring time for them.  At this time your bunny bits you to attain your attentions. They also do this when they feeling bore and desire a pleasant company.

Need playtime:

If you have more bunnies in smaller space as the difficultly move in then they start biting to each other. They do this to find extra space or they are possessive for their territory.  It’s another means that they do not have space to play inside the cage. So to control this situation give them extra time to play or provide larger space for living.

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