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How to Choose Collar and Leashes for Pet Dog

Dog is faithful and loving companion as you spends good time with time. You can enjoy long walk with then. It’s good for both of you.  While taking out your pet dog you have to need a chain fastening dogs. Dog fastening is mostly referred by two terms.  Tethering and chaining.  Tethering is just restraining dog with robe or casual chain but chaining is confining dog with heavy, harness, and thick chains. There is lot to reason of chaining and tethering dog but the main reason is to keep them away from unexpected threat. While we take it out   different collar and leashes used to lead then to control them if they behave extraordinarily.

Collar and leashes are basic ornament for dog breeders while purchasing a collar they have to know about their dog nature, behaviors, collar types and many more factors.

Common Types of Dog Collar:


  • Casual or everyday collar (simple and decorative collar comfortable for dog without any harness)
  • Chain slip collar (collar used for basic training as just a quick pull take it in right position)
  • Pinch or metal collar (this collar preferred to slip head dog collar used for training)
  • Choke collar (it harnesses type of collar dangerous for dogs. It used in negative reinforcement theory while training)
  • Head collar (muzzle resembled collar known as halter collar good for training especially train it to walk on leash0
  • Martingale collar (greyhound collar that restricts dog to sliding out from their collar.)
  • Break-away collar (best for everyday use without chocking, it perfect collar for walking as it reduced the possibility of being collar torn)
  • Harness collar (secure dog abdomen and chest by crossing at back)

What to Consider While Selecting Collar and Leashes:


Easy to wear:

Collar is east to attached and remove. Sometime it necessary to remove coat or emergency may occur so it better to select right collar.


Try to purchase a collar and lashes that are more convenient and reliable.

 Safe and secure:

Put a collar and leashes t designs in high quality material as it secure and comfortable for dogs. Check either it have dangling tags of nor. Remove if any otherwise it must stick in kennels on any other corner.

Smooth and friendly:

Collar and leashed must be friendly to your pet.


If you desired to show off your dog then it’s good to pick fashionary and colorful brand.

Types of leashes:


Leather leashes

Synthetic leashes

Metal or chain leashes


If you dog is gentle and affectionate with kid that it good to select   robe leash with everyday type of collar. It fully trained dog do not behave harsh with kid but keep it mind everything happiness so keep kid and pet dog in observation while they  are looking together.


A man walks smoothing with his loyal dog. Fashion able red and blue Synthetic leash and metallic collar inhabits dog to misbehaviors.


It’s truly awesome photograph by Kristin Callahan/REX in which Ryan Gosling walk with his dog George. Dog wear   stylish collar and grey printed synthetic leach.


Gorgeous women take it dog for street walk handle it with solid color leash and casual collar. She smoothing controller her pet dog that amazing.

Herry Cavile in blue tracksuit  accompanied with his pet dog  who wears braided style leach in soild color with  comfortable  designer collar.



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