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Big Size Wood Pigeon House Design


Pigeon are loveable social birds that people like to take in house. As earlier you enjoy small size pigeon cage in house but now you need big size house for them. For number of pigeon well furnished open environment house keep them healthy and active. You can enjoy pigeon house inside home, garden and outdoor place. Take ideas about pigeon house from below images that more help you in easy design of your won pigeon house.

Indoor Pigeon House:


For construction of Indoor pigeon house first you should select place wisely. The house not design under rain water but can expose in sun light that always keep the house dry. Size of indoor pigeon house measured according to quantity of pigeon. Maintain separate box for each pigeon that have 12 inch height and deep while 24 inch wide in which pigeon can easily move and eat food.

Garden Fix Pigeon House:


How to make a pigeon house own become easy after follow the above image. Garden pigeon house design with wood, iron net and cardboard material. Big size wooden box first design than all side of it cover with iron net that has as much hole in which air, and sun heat easily enter. Wood branch pass inside the wooden box that provide best space for pigeon sit. Cardboard box has four holes through that air and natural light pass.

Pigeon Hut House:


Pigeon hut design on a wood big tower. Favorable height of hut keeps safe pigeon from hunter. On front side of hut small hole with shelf are design through that pigeon come out from hut and enjoy sun heat with shelf sitting. Damp roof of the hut keep safe pigeon house from rain water. Pigeon can easily enter and out from house with garden hut towel house idea.

Home Garden Big Size Pigeon House:


You should keep the pigeon home environment clean and smell free. Well maintain pigeon loft keep them healthy and safe from bacteria or virus. Pigeon virus easily delivers through air, water and grains so you need best care. Because pigeon are social birds so like to eat food by human hands. Provide water and feeding bowl inside the pigeon house and clean them on daily bases. Like in above image big size pigeon house how well furnished.

Open Environment High Length Pigeon House:


Pigeon need to fly every day in open environment so you can draw their house in home garden or outdoor place that perfect for them. Always design pigeon house high from land because land animal can hurt them. Beware pigeon need food twice time in a day so don’t waist the grain. Keep the pigeon in access amount if you give them more food. Alone male pigeon become aggressive.

Small Size Pigeon House:


Small size open place pigeon loft perfect for small quantity of pigeon. More care will be need to pigeons during breeding period. Chicks parents feed best their young once feed them. Vitamin and protein should also give frequently that best for their health. Spend your holiday with pigeon for watching their activities and take care. 10 liter water for pigeon make their feather shine and bright.

Home Back Wall Pigeon House:


Home back wall also come in use of pigeon house. Make a shady roof and get number of holes as possible in wall for passing the pigeon easily. Take care select those walls where sun light directly goes. You can provide the feed on shade easily and keep water bowl. Pigeon independently go and come back at home after some hour flaying.

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