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Best Wood Crafted Pet Food Station Ideas


Pet are a pleasant addition in you dull and boring live bring lot of happiness and joys. Pet are best choice to reduce street and they also assume best companion in busy time. Dogs, cats and birds are the most keeping pet. These pet are beneficial for us what we do or them. They just need proper living styling. Food and groom while they convey lot of benefits is shape of friendship, loyalty, fait and obedience. Wooden food stations are one of the best way to say them thank. Here are also so benefits for you as well. It durable, cost effective and long lasting equipment easy to clean and maintain.

Wood dog food stations:


Look this interesting dog food station ingeniously design in home according to diy project. This wood crafted food station is perfectly unified with home interior of countryside home as it looks similar to the iron stand. Medium size wood stem shapes food stand holds two bow one for drinks and other for foods.

Wood pallets and iron road are fabulously incorporated to design this free standing food station allow you to place three bowls. Individual food bowl for each dog lower down the chance of fighting as dog are sensitive for their properties.  Three vintage wood pallets are nicely convert in top while iron rode folded to equal size that make the balance.

It’s beautiful and attractive wood crafted food station tribute the great mind behind its formation. Tree branched that converts in stems are ingeniously craved with shaper blade to form pointy edges rods. I like it. It grabs attention when you bring out to present food.

Let you dog to enjoy open air meal by serving dishes in the backyard. diy wood look crafted  food station are joyful option if your dog love to stay outside the home, raw finishing wood stem piece nicely convert in food station by bring out the pulp.  Placing more than one food station means you bred more dogs. Length of the food station is totally depending over the size and height of the dogs.

It’s better to stay organized the entire home. Most home owner is conscious about cleanliness and arrangement. It superb dog food station let them place everything at the proper place.  It a little shelf contains food storage cabinet and roll out drawer having food and bowl in it. Bring out the drawer in feeding time otherwise packed it nicely. It sneaky dog food station nerve find by everyone until you reveal the secret.

Wooden cat food station:


Wooden crafted ground stations are durable and long lasting equipment. It allows ease to your pet cat in feeding.  Lower length wood crafted rectangular shaped food bowl let a cat to eat her favorite food as it come to her level. It’s delicate choice if you have two larger cats of two pet cat and dog.

It beautiful raised wood crafted cat food station let you place food and water bowls. It dreamy food station if you have more the one pet cats. Cat character handle is design in center which also sing that it cat food station.  It also right when you are serve food in different varieties and tastes.

Cats love climbing and jumping from the heights. Most cats love to stay on perch as something they spend all the time there. So it best way to provide food and supply water there as they eat it when they feel hunger. Wall mounted perches or shelves are adorable choice for cats. Wooden crafted perch food station is best alternative permit relaxed and fear free point to enjoy their food.

Wood crafted bird feeder station:


This wooden crafted bride feeder station I insanely gorgeous and attention grabbing  compliment for you home let you invite more feathery guest at your home. It stylish and functional bird feeder grabs attention. I love this feeder hose which allow you to serve variety of food item in single time.

It simple and easy crafted bird feeder station hold seed filled glass wine bottles. It best option to keep the birds happy.
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