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How to Bath You Feathery Friend-Birds


It’s lovely and exciting time when you are going to give bath to your feathery friend.  Bird are naturally cleans and gentle bird do not need extra groom yet they need   bath once in a week. Birds love water. They enjoy bathing.   Most bird owner gives bath to their bird when they feel them dirty. It’s not good. Bird has to need regular bath to moisturize their skin as well as removing debris. Here we bring a details article about the bathing of pet bird.

Suitable Places Where To Bath:

If you feel that you bird look dirty and her feature loss shine the bath you bird.  When you decided to bath your pet select the moderated and comfortable place to give bath.  Select a suitable place reduce rip-roaring and joyful bathing.  Basically there are two main option of bird bathing which are:

In-cage bathing:


In-cage Bathing is ideas for small bird like finches, parakeets, love birds and canaries as they need little amount of water to take bath.  These small birds bath nicely without your involvement.   Sallow water filled bowl heavier in weight is best for small bird.  Be careful while selecting the bowl the bowl is no deeper the 1-2 inches. Remove dirt and splashed water, wet bedding from the cage when they complete the bath. It’s necessary for their health.  Cage mounted bath is also an ideas option of in-cage bathing if you have enough space in the cage. It gives an opportunity to small bird to take bath when they desire.  It also prevents the floor to get wet while birds table bath.

Out-of-cage bathing:


Parrots, cockatoos, pigeons, cockatiels, macaws, owls and so many larger bird species are breed as pet in home. Out-of cage bathing is appropriate option for these birds. It’s difficult to provide in-cage bathing arrangement that way out-of-cage bathing is ideal for big birds.

Bathing Options:

How you bird tale bath is the most important point of this discussion.   There are different ways of bathing the pet bird such as;

 Heavy bath bowl:


Heavy mud, plastic and metal bowl are easily available at home which is best for in-cage bathing.  Fill the bowl with water and place them in the cage. Remove it when bird takes bath.  It’s good option for small birds. Bowl bathing is also best if there is a risk to bring out larger birds from the cage.

 Cage-mounted bath:


Cage mounted bath tray are available in so many design.  It easily mounted with cage bars.  Generally cage mounted    bath have one bowl and tray. Bowl is for bathing   while tray does not let the water to fall on the ground.

Wet branches:

Some bird like to take bath by rubbing their bodies with wet branches. It best bathing tip for in-cage bird.   Just wet the branches with spray shower if you already place branches in cage or bring new one for their bath.

Spray mister:


Spray bottles and misters are easy available in market for bird bathing. These spray bottles are also best for larger bird bating in case of out-of the cage bathing.   Bird enjoys spray bathing   but be gentle while giving bath. Avoid to directly spraying on bird face. It may hurt their sensitive body parts.

 Sink or tub bathing:


If you breed extra larger bird at home and thee is not place for in-cage bathing them take them out of the cage and give bath on kitchen, bath or laundry room sink or tub.  By this way you can give bath and nicely remove the dust by Appling bird shampoo.  Sink bathing s also good if you bet bird have enough dust does not remove with gentle spray and shower perch.

 Shower perch:


Shower perch are best bathing option for larger bird. Show perch are elegant way to provide the slow spray and soft blast splashee for bathing. In this way you bird enjoy the bathing and gently clean it feather and fur.


1.    Avoid applying soap otherwise it tatters feather essential oils.  If you feel necessary then choose a good quality bird shampoo easily available in market.
2.    Bath you pet bird in warmer hours of the day.
3.    Keep the water level low in bath bowls.
4.    Don’t spray directly on face.
5.    Use clean and fresh water for bathing.  Luke warm water is best in cool days. Careful examine the temperature of the water. Is it comfortable for your pet bird or not.
6.    Avoid to wringing wet the bird feather as it leaded to a loss of body hearts. Wet feather are also become a cause of flying impairment. .

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