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Amazing Indoor Aviary for Feathery Friends

Are you have  cute and lovely feathery friend and desired to keep them inside the  home than bring a stylish and good looking aviary or larger cage that   looks elegant and also provide natural habitat  to birds. Indoor aviary is in adorable designs with size and height variations. Her we bring stunning indoor diy and handmade aviary designs. Just scroll down page and get an idea.

Oversized Aviary Cage with Winter Insulation:


This one is chic indoor and outdoor aviary cages that insulate in winter season. House style oversize aviary amazingly covers full room space.  Hardwood and metallic net crafted cage is airy and wider best of larger size birds.   Place larger planter, hanging   swings, perches to give natural habitat.  Spread a sheet for easy cleaning.

Diy Indoor Aviary Cage:


This one is diy crafted indoor aviary cage set in living area. Its looks beautiful as it design in unusual way. Recycled old armoire aviary cage placed under stairs beautiful decorate with tree branched, vintage lantern and hay grass. It feels like decorative complement yet its amazing aviary for small birds.

Hexagonal Iron Cage for Birds:


Black finishing iron crafted larger aviary cage in hexagonal shape is chic complement for indoor decoration.  It best cage of indoor pet birds.  Its stronger and non breakable enclosure have loafer door as you can go inside it. It also clean easily and move it from one place o another.  Colorful hanging toys, swings perches also place inside its while yellow color ladder also keep inside to climb up.

Diy TV Armoire Aviary for Finches:


Reproduce old and useless TV armoire to create this inviting bird’s aviary cage especially if you have lovely parrot, cockatoos and finches. Ivory painted armoire aviary with   clear glass permits you to view birds throughout the day. Rolling out drawer is good place to store bird’s food and other essentials like supplement and vaccination.

Wood Crafted Aviary for Loving Birds:


A vintage inspired aviary that has stood with tray stand which do not let the floor dirty.  Brown finishing canary room cage with seed, catcher on bottoms and tree branched used to designs aesthetically pleasant birdcage which is more affordable and efficient in each situation.

Diy Wood and Glass Crafted Wall Size Aviary:


White you design indoor bird aviary you have to considered both decorative and functionally benefit. Choose an aviary design which look nice in home space and also facilitate every essential of pet birds.  Water bowls, feeders, natural habitat which gives with decorative kits, plants, tree branches and other playing ornaments. Everything is in right order such as lights, temperatures and environment. Basically bird needs warmth space that good for their health.  Pick up material that easily clean otherwise it create bad odor.

Convenient Indoor Aviary Cage:


Cubic shaped medium size aviary is also elegant and convenient cage for small bird. It also place inside the home or in garden.  Wood and iron net crafted aviary provide safe and secure living areas that predator cannot reach them easily.  It can triple side mini door that allow easy access form all sides. Green leafy vine and clay water pot is place inside it to provide natural environment.

Wooden Aviary Foe Small Birds:


Indoor medium size aviary is best option of small birds.  Wood crafted aviary cage having winter insulation features, tropical plant container also set inside it to provide tropical surrounding.  All mounted perch and nest hang o walls of the aviary.


  • Regularly clean out aviary and other ornament.
  • Spray bird’s friendly fragrance to remove odor.
  • Provide all basic of birds like feeder, drinker, perches, nest and hidden places.
  • Spread newspaper or sheet in aviary floor that bring ease in cleaning.
  • Fill water bowl with fresh water.




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