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Adorable Cardboard Cat Home Ideas


Cats and cute and adorable pet becomes popular pet.  Cats are amazing companion friendly behave with their owner.  Cardboard crafted cat house are amazing idea to provide lively and comfortable spot for sleeping and resting. Cats love to play and live in cardboard homes. There are lots of reasons of doing this such as it lower the stress level in cat who live in cardboard boxes and there smell also appeals cat. Cats love to hide in cardboard.  If you desire a healthy and stress free cat bring these stunning and ultrachic cardboard   houses that not so attractive like other houses but more beneficial for cats.

Unique Modular Condo for Cat:


Multi color cubic cardboard modular condo is perfect addition in modern home bring unusual charm along with functionality. Geometrical cutouts allow air to passes through the boxes and   round   door permit cat to go from one box to another. Its amazing playing station easily set in room corner. Place soft cushion on top for resting and sleeping.

Playful Cardboard Cocoon:


Cleverly cardboard crafted cat bed is fabulous hideaway. It’s appealing and good-looking cat house design with hundred of cardboard layers.  You little cat feels happy and cheerful in this cardboard cocoon.

Lovely Handmade Cat House:


Playful and adorable   diy cardboard is impressive ideas to brig artsy charm in hone interior.  This unique and interesting cardboard house is design with extra curtain. Make a sketch of cat house on paper   which you desired to   constructs and than draw outline on curtain box.  Scalloped edges   sloppy shed, Windows and round cutout door are further details give to make it more beautiful. It’s easy to carry and convenient cat house.

 White Cardboard Cat Castle:


White painted cardboard cat castle is alluring and elegant addition in home. Handmade castle is amazing ideas to make fun.  You cat can play, move and rest inside it. Dotes and lines cut-out to give stylish look.

Diy Cardboard Cat House:


Sloppy roof and square window designs cardboard house is neatly design for pet cat. You can enjoy its beautiful smells.  Card layers amazingly pasted to shapes chic cat house looking awesome inside the home. Place it everywhere in home where your cat feels comfort.

Recycled Milk Carton Cat Shed:


Diy milk pack curtain is amazingly up cycled in cute and lovely cat home.  Just make a door and place calming and relaxed bedding inside it.   Draw clouds, car and door may favorites of your cat.  It’s best house of individual cat.  Design more if you have more than one cat.

Colorful Cardboard Cat House:


Bright pastel color scalloped cut sloppy roof designs mini cat house is lovely ideas to provide hiding point where it spend some time for resting and sleeping.  Its light weight and easily portable house and also interesting fun for feline cats.


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