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7 Outdoor Cat Litter Box Ideas


Hidden cat litter box is versatile way to cover cat litter space serve just like an extra space out of the house. No one understands what inside it. Outdoor litter box is good option if you want to reinforce the usage of indoor litter box. There is lot of benefits or reasons of having outdoor litter box such as;
•    It good opinion if you have more than two cats and dominant cat does not allow other to use this litter box.
•    Ask your cat to used outdoor litter box until she becomes use to the litter box.
•    It’s best for kitty cat housing training.
•    It also right for cat familiar with outdoor living
•    Outdoor litter box also selected pet own as they are not in favor of keeping them inside the house

Decorative planter litter box:


Fake ivy plant decorative planter is amazing substitute of cat litter box.  Is sneaky litter box looks like a plant container but actually not.  It just has a fake ivy plant, look real, and on the top while it empty from inside.   It’s suitable choice for both indoor and outdoor usage.  These covered litter box are excellent solution if you are looking for a way to hid cat litter box.

Shaded litter spot:


Provide water proof and comfortable space of household purposes. Cats find hidden spots for this purpose. If you want to keep them away from housing areas they create little shelter in your garden space. Waterproof sheet or curvy object place over old floor mat to make secure space. Put litter box or food bowl according to own choice.

Styrofoam ice-box cat litter box:


Most cat stay happy during outdoor living yet they have proper housing to live alive. Along with cozy and comfortable shelter they also need hidden litter box for household activities. You can amazingly recycle useless material to create cat litter box best for outdoor placing. Here white Styrofoam ice box fabulous converts in cat litter box. Just cut out circle from side to make a passing way and keep hay grass or straw inside it for cleaning purpose.

Poopoopeedo litter tray:


Look at this lovely egg-shaped white cat litter box named as poopoopeedo litter tray. It conveys modern and luxurious lifestyle to pet cats.  Its budgeted litter box designs by, sin design, French company. White and black color litter tray is good for both indoor and outdoor consumptions. High quality plastic used to assemble this cat litter box covers with tight lid that keep rain water away from it.  Have it to for your own comfort as its simple to clean it.

Diy wood crafted litter box:


Create this lovely wood crafted diy cat pet litter box to provide a hiding space to you lovely pet cat.  It cost effective and well designed litter box suitable for outdoor placement larger size wood crafted box has a cover design with hidden inspiration. Bring in cost durable and weather resist cat furniture for you ease.

Diy PVC crate litter boxes:


These PVC crate crafted shelter is good for housing and litter purposes. It amazing ideas to bound pet out of the house. Find out extra crate and shaped them in lovely litter boxes. Cut the side in desired shape to give a way to go inside. Plastic piece which you cat from it work as shad if you fix it a way disclose in photos. These outdoor litter boxes keep you free form tension of shifting box during bad weather conditions.
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