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13 Tips to Take Care of Dogs in winter


It interesting moment when your dog bring out his head out of the blancket to see what going out adorn him. Winter comes with lot of chill grealy effect pet lifestyle just like humans. Some dog has furry coat which allow them to adjust in cold environment but not all dog do this. Dog has to need warmth shelter inside the home.  How to take care of dog in winter is the most attention grabbing question. Here we discuss all things necessary for dog health. You have to take care of your dog according to following tips.

Maintain the temperature:


Longer hair and thicker coated dog has a blessing of  god as they  easily adjust in winter season  but other dog do not able to maintain their body temperature. They have to need proper shelter and temperature for their survival. Keep them in heated room and wear sweater and coat if they have to go outside. Dog’s coat and sweater are easily available in stores.

Provide cozy bedding:


After a busiest day dog don’t let your dog sleep on cold floor.  Bring in warmth bedding for dog which keeps him warmer. Warm bedding, blanket and pillow are vital for dogs, wooly and crochet blankets easily find in market. Be sure the bedding must be neat and clean. Place bedding is heater areas of the home.

Stay him inside the home:


Staying dog outside the home is better if you provide best shelter outside the home but it’s not a good solution. Bring them inside the home as they have to need more other than warmth surrounding and food.  They spend good time with families and children as they do not have too much option.  In this way you get success to keep you dog in front of your eyes and also keep him busy all the time.

Just take him outside when sun shine:


When it’s snowy or fog outside the home does not take your dog outside the home. Dogs do not stay longer in cold. If you want their company while walking outside then takes them in shinny days.  Sunshine is necessary while outdoor walking. If you feel necessary to go outside with dog then dress-up dog with warmer cloths.

Not serve frozen foods:


In cold season every one needed warmer food to keep their body temperature in control. Frozen food is ingenious for dog. Don’t serve frozen food or cool water to your pet. Fresh water and lukewarm food, if cooked, otherwise fresh food is vital for dog heath. Don’t let your dog to drink cold water from outside the home it will cause to fever or   cold.

Avoid overfeeding:

In winters dog does not involve in outdoor activities also do lesser exercise s they spend most of time inside the home. They sleep more which let the dog to conserve energy. It will leads to weight gain issues also with other health problems. So it’s better to give them balance food. Over feeding is not good option for your pet dog.

Must hydrate dogs:


Dog soon dehydrated in winter as well as summer when they do not take proper amount of water. Water is vital for everyone. Supply enough amount of fresh water all the time. Bring best quality automatic dog drinking bowl if you have not time to give fresh water. Some dogs lick snow but it not cover water need. Cold water also affects their heath.

Groom your dog well:


Winter come with lot of chill that why dog bathing is not advisable task. Groom you dog in a way that keeps him active and healthier. Coat grooming   keeps him insulated. If bathing is necessary give bath with warmth water and quickly dry his coat with towel and hair dryer.  Regular teeth brushing are also good for dog heath.

Protect dog from heater and fireplaces:


When dog feel cold they try to get warmer corner. Heaters and fireplace attracts them. The go closer and closer to the heater and fire place. It’s not good. Heater is very dangerous for dogs. It’s better to keep them away from heater.

Take care of paws:


In winter season you have to pay more attention over dog paw caring.  Walking on City road sidewalks which cover with winter salt damaged dogs paw.  They also suffer from paw cracks just like humans. Quickly wipe or rinse dog paw when you come from the city and also avoided to lick his paw. Trim longer hairs from the pads of the dog that has furry coat as hair my hold ice room the roads.  Dog paw boots is another option to protest dogs paw in winter season.

Take little indoor break:


Keeping dog inside the home is not best option in winter as it also affects their physical and mental health.  Dog feel depresses when they spend all time in homes. They have to need a break. Let them for outing

Involve him in active indoor games:


Lazy dog, oh no! Do something to keep them active and happier while keeping them inside the house during winter season. Dog spending more time in sleeping is not for it health. It will also make him dull and bore.  Best solution to keep you dog energetic and happier is to involve them in tricky activities.  These activists cover their exercise needs and also refresh their mode. Here I list most active indoor dog activities beneficial for pet dogs.

1.    Fetch
2.    Laser pointer
3.    Hide and seek
4.    Puzzles games
5.    Chasing bubbles

Give some winter treats:


Puzzles and tricky games will keep dog active but soon it makes your dog bore if they do not find a delicious treat.  Occasionally winter treats allow you to involve dog in game in best way.  Bacon bits, party pup cakes, veggie dog treat tuna fish, peanut butter bones, turkey balls, catnip crackers are the most recommended dog treats during winter season. These treats also provide enough heat to dog.
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