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13 Modern Cat Feeding Bowl Designs


Are you in search of eye-catching and durable food bowl for you little friends that come here we have excellent ideas of cat food bowls. Cats are loyally and affectionate friend become true companion.  Cat food bowl is not just for feeding you cat it have other advantages that bring ease in your life style.  These bowls provide smooth and comfortable eating station yet also clean out space. Some cat have messy nature throw food kibble o floor which is another tension of clean up floor regularly. Here we bring amazing designs of modern cat bowls that easy to clean and delicate in style.

NomNom Cat Food Bowl with Tray:


This one is quite and chic cat food bowl by NomNOm that really beneficial for you.  It provides comfortable feeding station to your pet cat but also keep the feed space clean. Its durable and modern style of cat food bowl design in considering cats eating habits.   Cat throws food partials on floor that looks ugly. NomNom designs a tray formed moat around the food bowl good for messy eaters.   Food kibbles fall in this tray instead of floor. Dual bowl tray set have remove able floor containers. You can use one bowl for water and other for food. Use both as food if you have two cats as pets.

Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowl:


Chrome finishing stainless steel two bowl set impressively used as cat food bowl. These are good looking and elegant bowls placed anywhere in home.  One bowl is for water and one for food. It perfect bowl for you cute and loving cat. These bowls are in smooth textures easy to clean and more durable the plastic bowls.

White East to Clean Cat Food Tray:


White ceramic bowl with food tray is truly modern and statement style for cat feeding.  Bowl is used for watering while try is for food. That’s cool and fabulous food tray for little kittens. Its provide relief of consistent cleaning up of messy food that scattered around the bowl.  Rectangular food tray having two food bowls and other organizing areas that easily cleaned. Its good long and visible style of cat bowls grabs attention of cat lovers.

Wood Raised Cat Bowl Station:


Multi-color wooded raised feeding station with stainless steel food and water bowl crafted in cat shapes. Its sleek and ultra-chic style that looks adorable. This food station is designs for two cats having triple bowl set. Bring this home to provide comfortable eating point to your loving cat.

Handmade Wood Tray with Stainless Steel Bowls:


Handmade fish and mouse shaped feeding station with two elevated bowls for watering and food. It’s cost effective and durable never let down your investment. There funky shapes attract cats toward thing food point. These food bowls are good for outdoor feeding.

Metallic Raised Cat Bowl:


Black finishing metallic bowl raises having ability to carry to bowls for food and water.  Bon designs food bowl station is prettiest attrition in home space especially having larger size cat as pet. This food bowl stand designs for both pet cat and dogs so does not feel hesitation in feeding your cat.  White ceramic   and turquoise bowls bring cool accent in home space.

Wall Mounted Cat Perch with Food Bowls:


Cats love climbing and jumping live happy on high points. That’s way   wall mounted perched designs for these cats. They feel comfortable on sitting and playing these perches.  Its best place for sleeping and resting away from kids and pet dog reach.  Wood crafted wall mounted perch with stainless steel food bowl.

Vintage Inspired Floating Cat Food Bowl:


Diy black painted wall mounted cat food bowl is perfect addition in contemporary home. It’s also good ideas to get rid from accidental food bowl kicking problems. It’s playful and adorable personalized cat food and water bowls bring classical vibe in home interior.


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