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What to Do If You’re Pet Gets Burned


Thought that your dog burns suddenly by a variety of household items how you treat it, you should already get knowledge to give first aid to your loving pet. Take the complete course of action either pet get first second or third stage burn. Three stage of burn include these types like at first stage burn superficial, at second degree middle layer burn and at third also called last one burn deeply. Burn may be through candle, fire or stove, electricity, heat, boiling, chemical or any other liquid.


All pains are un-bearable and some time death occurs. You can quickly give first aid to ease the pain. Depending on variety here we classified the burn in to three major categories that help you in easy learning about how treat the pet as first aid.

Burn from Hot Water or Thermal:


At first stage bun red skin with blisters emerged or fur intact like sign are create while on second stage color change, pain and swelling effect the pet. How should care and give first age read from below,

First & second stage thermal burn:

1.    Restrain the dog.
2.    Drop cold water or ice pack on burn area at least 15 minutes but don’t apply butter.
3.    Cover the affected area with sterile dressing that pet don’t click the body or skin.
4.    Wrap soft material around dressing that it doesn’t slip when you live.
5.    Go the pet for checkup from veterinarian.

Third Stage Thermal Burn:


At third stage burn the skin appear in black, brown or white color and its extensive burn in which pet can go into shock. What to do look below,
1.    Restrain the dog and allow it to speak in slow voice.
2.    Examine the dog if go in shock.
3.    If the pale in pink color then dog don’t shock otherwise get depression.
4.    Check the heartbeat of pet with this process like place the finger 2 inches behind the pet dog elbow in the chest and count 10. During shock situation pet dog heartbeat will be 150 beats per minute.
5.    Wrap the dog body in a towel or jacket.
6.    Don’t use butter and cotton.
7.    Transport your pet dog to the veterinarian.

Chemical Burn:


Find out the chemical burn on dog skin become difficult due to hair coat that hide the burn. The chemical burn may be 2nd or 3rd degree in which these sign emerged like redness in skin, or pain. What should you do or how to treat learnt from below,
1.    Wearing rubber gloves when you going to remove the chemical burn from pet body.
2.    Wash the affected area with soap and water and repeat the process until chemical remove from body. Don’t pick up any kind of solvent when dog body burn.
3.    Call your pet vet and tell about all situations.

Electrical Burn:


Electrical burn mostly emerged or found in dog mouth and result found in chewing. Pet lips, tongue, palate and other tissue burn.  Follow below guideline,
1. Check the sign that found after electrical shock.
2. Cover with dry cloth be-carefully but keep care in use of loose fiber textile like cotton.
3. Wrap the burn area with torn sheet and quickly going for vet checkup.

Pet Sunburn Skin:


You should be careful during hot days about your pet. If your dogs live whole day on beach area then pet get sunburn. In sunburn situation symptoms that appear are redness on the nose, tummy or ear, cracked, and dry.  Home treatment you can give if don’t possible to vet or hospitalization,
Aloe Vera is great for sunburn skin gently rub oil on sunburn skin. Vitamin “E” also recommended for rehydrating the pet dog skin.

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