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Weather Resistance German Wirehaired Dog Information

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The medium size German wirehaired dog developed in 19th century for hunting purpose. After that it becomes gun dog in Germany. Excellent dog has great stamina and best for families. If give mental and physical challenge to the dog it become your best friend. Lots of exercise provides the dog.


German wirehaired dog originated in Germany before 1880. Breeders want to develop a hunting dog work closely with one person or with people. This dog gives response according to hunter need. Some consider Drahthaar dog is different breed than the domestic German wirehaired.

Other Name:

    Deutsch Drahthaar
    Vorstehhund
    Deutscher drahthaariger
    Drahthaar
Life Span:
The German wirehaired average life span is 9 to 12 years.


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The wirehaired dog is medium to large size dog has well muscle body. Easily recognize the dog by its weather resistant, face feature, and wire like coat characteristic. The German wirehaired dog is very talented, energetic so people determine it for hunting. Tail of dog is mostly pointy to two-fifth lengths. Like other German dog wirehaired feet are webbed.


The wiry coat of the dog is water- repellent and water resistant. The inner coat of the coat is thick during winter but as thin in summer that almost visible. If we compare inner and outer coat then outer is harsh, wiry, straight and flat. Lower legs of the dog are cover with shorter coat also appear between toes.

The German wirehaired dog skull coat is short and close. Tail and over shoulder coat is heavy and dense. Dog Eyebrow hair straight and strong. Dog puppy coat may be short as compare to adult.


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The strong German wirehaired dogs are in liver, white with solid patches, black or white.


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You will found your German wirehaired dog lively, active, intelligent, and affectionate. These dog like and enjoy working for their owner. Dog become friendly with they know. In early age dog become socialize. German wirehaired dog not suit for kennel environment. When these dogs become part of the family look happiest and do well behave.

Some dog have tendency to become roam. With nose dog can track, point on road and in water. Playful do are best human companionship. These dogs have best temperament to play with all age children. German wirehaired can accept other dog and always keep focus on owner family.


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Generally German wirehaired is healthy and strong dog but can effect with hip dysplasia, and heart diseases so in these cases contact with vet.


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Without exercise dog become bore and dull even they are energetic. The German wirehaired dog is good to play any game and able to hunting.


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Training is challenge at first time for dog owner because it requires calm leadership. Bend the rule once you start god training. Give training to dog slowly to keep them interest and connect with loyal behavior.

Dog breed need to keep mind active and alert with happy mood and it enjoy physical training. In recent year rescue and search team have use German wirehaired because these are capable for hunting.

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