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Keeping Adapted-Natured Frog as Pet



Frog are the carnivores grouped small bodied with tailless animal. Frogs are also live in water and dry place. Frogs are also vertebrates because they can also having backbone. Their indoor and outdoor body temperature is same.

Life span;

Commonly frog life span is 10 to 12 years.



Frog is small sized animal. It cans also having strong legs that can use for long distance leaping. They can also having stout body feature such as cleft tongue, protruding eyes and folded underneath body part. They can also tailless animal. Frog is also having two front legs and two hind legs. They also keep webbed feet for climbing. Their body color is usually green and grey patterned. Their length is 15 cm.

Personality traits;

Frog is also having good eye sight and best listeners. They can protect themselves any kind of danger. It can also unique adapted ability animal. Mostly frogs are indicator species.



They can eat insects and earth worms, fly grass hopper, spiders and many other things.



Frogs live in any type of environment and situations with their adapted ability. If you keep as pet then they live in various housing style.




Water and rock tank

You can also put your pet frog in these living spaces. You should provide their feed in their tanks. You should also take care of water cleanliness.

Health and care;


If you keep as pet then keep in your mind their proper take care such as diet, housing, water changing, temperature and many other caring things. They can fell in fungal infection and red leg infection. So, provide proper veterinary check up and give antibiotic for their good health.


Frog is adapted natured animal that keep as pet. If you keep as pet then proper take care of their housing, food health and care.



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