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Tricolor Entlebucher Mountain Dog Information

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The Entlebucher mountain dog is best suited as a watchdog. Switzerland is region of Entlebucher dog. Entlebucher mountain dog Intelligent, physically fit and excellent.


In 1889 the Entlebucher mountain dog was describe that little distinction was appear as compare to Appenzeller Sennenhund. Albert heim show rare breed of Entlebucher dog. The name of Entlebucher mountain dog enter in Swiss kennel club and after First World War no other breed was found.

After 1927 when sixteen dogs were found the Entlebucher dog slowly restored and kept for guarding purpose. Today Entlebucher mountain dog become best companion of people.

Other Name:

Entlebucher cattle dog
Entlebucher mountain dog


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The Entlebucher mountain dog is longer as compare to female and medium in size. The mountain dog has triangle shape ear, brown color small eyes, and flat skull. Head of dog is well according to body size and jaw of dog is powerful. Medium size dog smooth coat is marking in black, white and tan.

Full body of dog is dividing with tricolor like white tail tip and chest. You will always found soft and fluffy coat of Entlebucher dog. The Entlebucher mountain dog height is 48-50 cm and weight 20-30 kg. Naturally bobtail is of Entlebucher mountain dog.


Large size Entlebucher dog well behave with people and other dog in early age. You should provide regular exercise and training of your dog to make it socialize. Individually dog has vary temperament and standard says the breed is naturally good.

Dog lie the owner family but become suspicious against strangers. In early age of life dog capable to learn every tricks that you want to learn it.

Heath Issue:

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The Entlebucher mountain dog can suffer in congenital defect in which most common is hip dysplasia. PRA is abbreviation of progressive retinal atrophy also found in dog health issue. For elimination these health issue from Entlebucher dog you should become responsible in breeding ad testing of dog.

Entlebucher urinary syndrome short name EUS develop in dog when urine kidneys not connect with the urinary bladder normally. You need to keep your dog in cool temperature not too hot.


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It’s easy to brush the dog silky shine and thick coat. On weekly base you can brush the dog hair for removing the dead hair. Dog shade in spring season so little brush few weeks ago. At least one time in month trim the nail of dog and teeth brush do frequently for fresh breath. Check the dog ear if dirty then neat with cotton ball.
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