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Top 10 Lazy yet lovely Cats Breed

While the domestic cats are lapping all the daylong but some are like to spend most their around their owner. Lazy cats have calm personality don’t disturb you and other. These make deep love with their owner and feel jealous when you don’t give them attention. As compare to lazy cats other are fighter or can injured you and other. Spray dust in the home and always disturb you. I hope you like lazy cats and want to get as apartment or home. See below top lazy cats breed!

Ragdoll Cats:

1Ragdoll cat

The ragdoll cats breed has scientific name “felis catus”. The origin of these cats is united state of America. Blue eyes and distinct color point soft and silky coats found in these cats breed. One of the largest domestic cats female body weight is 8 to 15 pound while male are 12 to 20 pound. Different color scheme lay down in ragdoll like chocolate, red, seal that shaded with blue, cream and lilac.

At least 3 years of age these cats get maturity age. Healthy indoor cats make surrounding well with other cats and dogs. A ragdoll want to share everything with you. When you get ragdoll cat as pet these give love in return of you. As they are very gentle and affection are ideal for your children.

Maine Coon Hunting Skill Cat:

2maine coon cat

Maine coon cats are the largest domestic cats that have valuable hunting skill. These cats are 1 meter long with bushy tail, silky flowing coat, and rectangular shape body. Only two colors are lain down in Maine coon cats that are chocolate and lilac. Sociable female cat’s body weight is 3.6 to 5.4 kg and male has 5.9 to 8.2 kg. There body is solid with heavy furry and chest is broad. Long or medium length hair Maine coon cats have. You can provide both wet and dry food to your pet main coon cat.

Russian Blue Apartment Life Cat:

3russian blue cat

Russian blue cats come in variety of color light shimmering to dark that has silver and gray shade. Naturally occurring breed of Russian blue cat have Russia origin. After world war these cats are founded in England. In these cats physical appearance add green eyes, mauve paw, and thick fur. These cats have smart body, sensitive human emotion, and are so friendliness. These cats like to play with variety of toys and create love with other family pets. Average life of Russian blue cats is 10 to 12 years. Cats are vocal about their food and love with eating behaves.

Exotic Short Hair Cat:

4exotic short hair cat

Exotic cat develop in America with short hair features detail.  Cats can enjoy life more than 15 years. These cats when receive something dangerous then face fight like make loud voice. In its physical characteristics involved short neck, large paws, small round ear, deep color eyes, gold to copper coat color scheme, and 3.5 to 6 kg body weight. Playful and friendly cats don’t like to live alone. Ideal apartment cat are not typically prone diseases.

Tonkinese Cross Breeding Cat:

5tonkinese cat

These cats are getting after cross breeding of Burmese and Siamese. Playful personality traits come in variety of colors. Tonkinese cats has slim legs and tail, almond shape eyes, oval paws, outside head set ear, wedge shaped head. Dark face, ear, legs, and tail with cream base look so interesting. Lighter blue green color eyes of cats make them unique from others. Quickly these cats take keen interest in everything and similar to a duck. Great jumping takes these cats. Intelligent cats has blue mink, champagne  mink, blue with points, sable brown with points color coat.

Korat Blue Gray Color Cat:

6korat gray cat

Small to medium size Korat cat is so intelligent and playful. Heart shaped head, large green eyes; heavy weight cat is highly esteemed for good luck. Personality wise Korat cat is not talkative and become jealous with other pet when owner give too much to them. Until it gets 6 years age not get potential reach. Lilac and white color re founded in this cat breed. Korat are well known with extraordinary power of hearing, and sight. These like to set as close as to their owner. These cats are gentle to play with kids.

Persian Calm Personality Cat:

7persian calm personality cat

Persian cats are long haired cats with round face. Total life span of these cats is 15 years. Persian cat’s personality founded in large eyes, short legs, wide head, and shorten muzzle. Eye coloration scheme in these cats is hazel, copper, green and blue. Body color that help in easy founded this cat breed are lilac, black, blue, white, brown, white, chocolate and golden. Shortened face and nose make the Persian cats breed prone to breathe difficult. When cats are in mood can set on your lap and sleep in bed. Cats like to play with toys, chase balls.

Burmese Vocal Cat Breed:

8burmese cat breed

Copper color domestic cat breed has south Asia origin. Slander long body cat has pointed ears, wedge shaped head, and almond shaped round eyes. Legs and tail are prominent part in whole body. These cats are small to medium size in solid color. Eyes may be green or golden depend on body shade. In adult age these cats are playfulness. Softer sweet voice makes these cats. In its grooming nail trimming and ear clean treatment is must. Burmese cats are suitable for home due to its deep love with people. You should need to keep the Burmese with great care because these can attack on other animals.

Birman Cat Breed:

9birman cat breed

Birman is long hair silky coat deep blue eyes cat. It’s first familiarized in France with 9 to 13 years life span. Male Birman cats have 12 lbs body weight as compare to female. Coats color are blue, seal, lilac fawn, red, chocolate and cream. Pointed cat has medium size ears, Roman nose, broad skull and head is really triangle shape. If these cats don’t give attention to them these feel jealous. You need to give daily exercise to domestic Birman cat because these get overweight. Birman cats can get heart disease and paralysis of the hind legs and sudden death result.

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed:

10selkirk Rex cat

This breed of cats has high curled hair on their body. Selkirk Rex accepts all color with dense coat and high personality. These are normal size 16 pound body weight cats that can live 13 years. When it surrounded by people revels love and shines and don’t like to live alone. Curly hair can straighten and reappears between eight to ten month when take birth. More grooming need to this cat because its body has every single curly hair. It likes to eat quality food in which includes cooked chicken and cheese. Cow milk can upset the cat stomach so always give boil water every time.

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