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How to Take Care of Triops as Pet

Care Tip- How to Take Care of Triops as Pet


Triops are genus belong to Branchiopoda class and Notostraca order. Triops Longicatdatus, Triops Caccriformis, Triops Australiensis, Triops Nerberry and Triops Granauris gain popularity and become amazing aquarium pet. Triops longicatdatus and triops caccriformis are most common aquarium species as it easy to feed a triops then a gold fish. Triops longicatdatus grow slowly while triops caccriformis quickly grow in few days. Some triops have just 90 day life expectancy.

Triops longicatdatus is in silver colors with mother of pearl sheen and darker pigments patterns while triops caccriformis is in golden with patterns due to darker pigmentation.

Aquarium Best for Triops


Transparent PVC plastic, acrylic and glass countiner and pickle jar to place triops. Triops mostly live founds in bottom of container rather than in water surface. Four litter or one gallon container is suitable size of aquarium. Each triops have enough space or water for population density. Smaller container   may causes to reduce the number of eggs laid by individual triops. It still lives healthy in smaller container.

Water Condition


Fill triops aquarium with bottled spring water. Distilled water also best for egg hatching as this water reduces the risk of any chemical and mineral content which effect hatching process. Tap water with good quality water conditioner is also safe for triops.

Temperature/Ph Level


Make sure that temperature of water is between 23-29 degrees Celsius (75-80 degree Fahrenheit) to provide them good captivity.   Triops are highly pH sensitive vary in species to species as some triops are found in alkaline water and other lives in peat bogs. pH level Below 6.0 become deadly for triops Longicatdatus while the bear 10.0 Ph level. Baking soda is suitable chemical to raise ph.

Is Container Empty or Not


Triops need empty container for live and grow yet you can adorn it with   safe and secure subtracts just like soil. Soil is natural sediment but be careful it should be salt free. It provide natural environment. They also dig through the bottom in search of food. Sand and gravel is good, sand is perfect as it raise Ph ideas for triops.  You can also place decoration kits which not affect freshwater resistance.



Plants green plants   look nice in aquarium but also best for triops living conditions. Plants are ideas for respiration. They manage oxygen level and also break triops   waste.

Stir Triops Eggs Packets in Aquarium


Now it time to add triops in container or aquarium. When you stir eggs in water wait for 18 hours and let the eggs hatch . When you look after some time in tank you found little speak in white color swimming over the black. Some are triops and other may fairy shrimps. Water, fleas and shrimps that add in packets along with triops eggs which probably eaten by triops during population destiny.



Triops basically take three days to hatch. You van rise temperature level if seem lower hatching according to day and night scheduled. Feed them with tropical fish pallets. Just one’s in a day. Crush pallets   and add its half for individual in tank. And do it till they are 5 days old. When they grow up or 7 day old they need more food. Now feed full pallet 2 to 3 times in a day.

Who Live With Triops in Aquarium


Fairy shrimps, daphnia live with triops as they have same temperature and hatching conditions bit keep in mind that triops might eat any of them. Aquatic snails   also best candidate in triops container as they control algae level.


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