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Sussex Spaniel as Pet Complete Information

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Sussex spaniel, having wavy long hair coat, is playful and affectionate dog breed superb for apartment and small home living. They are good family dog stay well with children and other pet especially with cats. It will never disappoint you. Bring in Sussex spaniel to enjoy limitless friendship and loyalty.


Sussex spaniel is originated from England.


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1800s is the year of Sussex spaniel development in England which also knows it originated place. Firstly Sussex spaniel bred for hunting and field dogs. Mr. Fuller of Rosehill park crossbreed liver Norfolk Spaniel, Field Special and English springer spaniel that result in high barking Sussex spaniel, American kennel club accept Sussex spaniel in 1884.

Joy Freer play important role in survival of Sussex spaniel during World War II. English Kennel Clun recognized Sussex spaniel breed in 1947 while they identified as vulnerable native breed in 2004.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of dog is about 11-15 years.

 Physical appearance:

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Sussex spaniel is energetic, stronger and massive dog breed closer to dark Clumber spaniel.  They come to 15-16 inches height on shoulder with 40-45 pound weight when reaches at mature life. Compact and low body is in rectangular shape.

Slightly waved and thicker coat just found in one color without any marking. Golden liver-color coat consist on wavy, soft and longer hairs. Docked tails, square Muzzle, low set ears, larger hazel, liver color nose are other characteristic of Sussex spaniel.



Sussex spaniel is intelligent, docile, obedient, social, affectionate and loyal dog breed. You can feel proud to have Sussex spaniel as pet. They closely bound with their owner and family members. Playing with kid is his favorite task.

They are energetic jog mostly involve in different activities. They love jumping, lapping, swimming and walking. They are alert and high bark dog work well as guard dog. They can perform all tasks just like other spaniels. Sussex spaniels are social dog easily adjust in each environment.

Living condition:

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Temperate climate is required for Sussex spaniel outdoor living. Sussex spaniel are active dog easily adjust in apartment life with proper exercise and playtime. They stay happy in small home having backyard. Here is another quality of Sussex spaniel dog which make them good pet that they can suitable for both hot and cold living.

They generally active dog breed but love to stay lazy to enjoy long time sitting on lounge chair. They enjoy family company especially children. Don’t feel threat in leaving your kid with Sussex spaniel. They show affectionate nature toward children and pet cats.


Basically Sussex spaniel is healthier dog breed occasionally prone to certain heath issue yet the can be suspected major health condition that need proper treatment. Intervertebral disk Disease, hip dysplasia, whelping, otitis externa, heart murmur, pulmonary Valve stenosis are different health problems detected in Sussex spaniel dogs.


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Sussex spaniel are moderate shedder that why they need regular grooming. Brush they coat daily if you do not want to see hair on home stuffs. Occasional stripping and trimming is required to keep the coat in good condition. Contact with professional if you have no experience about trimming.


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Sussex spaniel is active and lively dog having higher energy level just like other spaniel. Daily walk, Vigorous activities keep them healthy both mentally and physically.  Walk on leas with a lead is best for them.  They also enjoy games, swimming and short jogs.

They love to play with kid. As we say they are active dog they quickly stubborn if do not found interesting activities. So involve them in different activities which burnout their energy and also fresh up his mood.


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Sussex spaniel is obedient and intelligent dog breed know as tractable and amenable dog. Their docile nature tends them to follow the order give by the leader. They careful listen commands and try best to cover them. Avoid repetition in giving commands. Bring this easy going spaniel in earlier age if you want to tame them according to your mood and requirement. Positive reinforcement insists them to give positive result otherwise it can be difficult to train.

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