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Strong Smell Sense Weimaraner Dog Whole Life Information



Weimaraner dogs are referred to as “gray ghost” due to its distinctive color. These are highly athletic dog that has lots of energy. This breed of dog is so intelligent, graceful and courage’s. Breed found in Germany in 1800 year for hunting afterward avoid from outdoor and kept as pet. Demanding dog require strong leadership and exercise. Reliable Weimaraner dog are still use in both tracking and retrieving field. For outdoor oriented families this breed of dog may be an excellent companion.

Life Span:

10 to 14 years

Other Name:

    Grey ghost
    Weimaraner vorstehhund
    Weimer pointer
    Gray ghost

Height & Weight:

Height: male (61 to 69 cm) female (56 to 63 cm)
Weight: male (25 to 32 kg) female (23 to 29 kg)

Physical Appearance:


Weimaraner dog has best physical stamina, smooth, an effortless due to these reason used in hunting. Gray coat of dog is soft, short, sleek and lengthy. It also has soft facial expression. Medium size head has a top with a medial line end up in forehead. The nose is gray, and nostrils are come in gray or Ombre color scheme. Teeth meet in a scissor bit while set of eyes is gray, blue, and Ombre. High ear are long, folded and hanging down movement side of head. Short coat on body is tight against the whole body. Small marks are looking on chest.



Happy, cheerful, loving and affection dog is good for children. Without proper exercise it becomes aggressive and difficult to control. If you don’t give proper leadership it will become combative with other dogs. Once it becomes afraid to something then train it difficult situation. Dog leap your feet when you praise them, these learn trick of praise so again and again time leap your feet. Weimaraner dog likes to bark and has good sense of smell so use for all type of hunting.

Care & Grooming:


Weimaraner dog has social nature so you should be kept at outdoor place. Take it daily for outdoor exercise purpose. When you go outside with your pet dog keep your dog enclosed. On seasonal base you should comb it or remove hair. You can use firm bristle brush for combing after shampoo. Nail of dog trim. Check ear on regular base because ear infection quickly come in dog life.

Health Problem:


Minor health problem prone the Weimaraner dog likes spinal dysraphism, bloat, ear problem, hemophilia, entropion. Feed them three small meals rather than one large on daily base.



The Weimaraner dog has smart body but high and energetic. Give daily exercise for live happy and mental stimulation. At least 2 hours time management you can make for regular exercise. Short walk in morning time will be best and long in afternoon. These dogs like to take round around the garden as possible. Don’t give exercise the dog after serving meal. It will be best that serve your dog after long exercise.



Weimaraner dog will chase anything around it and feel the smell of neighborhood dog. Keep sure that your yard is fully fence when you leave the dog in it. It feels well with other dog so you should introduce other pet with it.
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