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Strong Balinese cat as Pet Information, Facts & Pictures



The name of Balinese cat basically derived from graceful dance of the Indonesia Island of Bali. This cat first arrived in UK in 1973 and after than in 1980 fully recognized. Primary difference that exists between Balinese cat and Siamese is long coat with silky and shine hair.  These days Balinese cat consider popular breed due to its own rights. The quick face about this breed of cat is that it takes birth in same point color that found in Siamese. Highly active and vocal pet cat follow your work that you do in home.

Body Size:

Medium size Balinese cat has body weight 5 to 10 pounds.


Life Span:

Gentle life span of Balinese cat is 18-22 years.


Physical Appearance:


The Balinese pet cat has heavier bones, apple shade body with vivid blue, almond shaped eyes. Eyes of cat are large, pointed and open. These have medium length, silky hair, single coat, and minimal shedding. Coat length can vary up to two inches and much as five inches from tail. Slightly small ear Balinese cat looks long with medium hair body. Cat walk on oval paws with long plumed tail.



The Balinese cat as pet thrives on loving nature with owner family and other pets. Intelligent cat not live left for long time period. Cat interferes with the matter that performs in home around it. Owners believe that Balinese cat is vocal and need mental and physical stimulation. Playful nature has the pet cat enjoy catching and rolling the ball, jumping, and climbing in friendly mood. Good nature cat best suited for indoor life because outdoor cat can rick of illness, injury, and kidnapping.



The Balinese cat do not have same health related problem that found in same few different breed Siamese. This breed is stronger, active, strong and healthy as compare to others. Commonly with other breed annually vaccinate the pet cat against the common diseases like flue. Some older Balinese cat prone the kidney problems in that lose weight and increase thirst.

Care for a Balinese as Pet:


Balinese cats are not fussy eaters but give good quality food like cooked chicken, ham and cheese. Cow’s milk upset the stomach. Cat like to live indoor without going outside. For medium coats of cat need regularly base grooming with a comb and brush. Check eyes and ears of cat if ear become dirty clean with cotton balls not use cotton buds.

Children and Other Pets:


Stronger Balinese pet cat make friendly behave with families, children and pet dog. Cat learns activity that performs in home, learn trick and like the attention from children with respect and politely nature. Balinese cat do peaceful behave with other cat and dog. Always introduce your pet cat slowly and ensure that they learn together with you.


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