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Very Strong American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Detail Information

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The American pit bull terrier pet dog is medium in size. Loyal and strong dog is perfect for apartment life but need to give it daily exercise. With Smooth and short hair coat it easy to manage. You can get pit bull terrier with other animals. If you train your pet dog it will learn you because these are obedient. You family member make more love with it.


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American bull terrier was creating by breeding of old English terrier and old English bulldogs. These dog were bred in England and arrived in the united state where these became the direct ancestor of the Americana bull terrier. Pit bulls terriers were used in blood sports. Pit bull terrier successfully fills the role of companion dog, therapy dog and police dog.

Majority of dog used for illegal dog fighting in America. In 1960 San Francisco societies for the prevention of cruelty to animal rename the pit bull terrier to frantic terriers, due to this reason people like it so much and want to get as a pet.

Life Duration:

About 12 years

Other Name:

•    Pit
•    Pit terrier
•    Pit bull
•    Bull baiter dog
•    Staffordshire fighting dog
•    Yankee terrier
•    Rebel terrier

Physical Features:

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The American pit bull terrier is a medium sized, short haired, dog. The brick like head especially broad between the cheeks well define neck and thickly muscled. The neck of terrier dog runs into a deep, sprung chest. Extremely strong dog is very muscle. The eyes are round and almond shape, docked tail, and coat is made up of thick, short and shiny hair. All colors are accepted in coat of dog. Shades of gray are match with nose.

Body Weight:

Male 18 to 19 inches
Female 43 to 45

Height of Pit Bull Terrier:

Male 15 to 29 kg
Female 13 to 26 kg


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The American pit bull terrier has a strong desire, more human emotional and rational. Their natural aggressive habit is towards other dogs not people. Dogs are loyal, good nature, amusing and affectionate with family children and adult. The American pit bull terrier is always obedient. It is usually very friendly these are generally okay with other pets but not perfect for some people that don’t know how to treat it.

Health Problem:

The American pit bull terrier as generally healthy but prone to hip dysplasia, allergies to grass, heredity cataracts. With dilute coat colors these dogs have not high skin allergies as other breed. Dogs are very prone to demodex mange due to culling for performance. A simple skin scraping test will allow you about demodex mange.

Living Condition:

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If you provide properly exercise to American pit bull terrier then these sufficient for apartment life. These are very active dogs so can live all-night without yard. You must give regular long walk as need to be taken.


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The American pit bull terrier smooth and short hair coat is easy to groom. Make Brush regularly and bath with shampoo as necessary. Rub it with piece of towel to make the coat glam. These dogs are average shedder.

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