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Spotted Skinny Swimming Savannah Cat


Savannah cat are new breed of cat are in few number founded in the world. With their spotted body appearance these cats look like wild animal. In-spite of the body fact these are domestic cat and like to take sleep in your feet. Savannah cat are registered in 2001 international cat association. With their medium size, long legs, look wild cat are basically African cat. You can get detail information about savannah cat from under description. Here we learnt you about savannah cat appearance, life, duration, diet, health, habit etc.



You can quickly judge the savannah cat with their spotted body among the number of cat. This breed of cat has tall and thin body features. Savannah cat body weight lay down in 20 to 40 pound. Colors of the savannah cat skin are blue, marble, lilac, chocolate, and snow color. Savannah cats are take birth with smaller head, slander like neck, short tail with black rings, and boomerang eyes. Hooded brow upper the eyes keep them protect from harsh sunlight rays. Puffy nose of savannah cat with their erect ear make them unique from other breeds of cat.

 Life span:


Savannah cats can enjoy their life between 17 and 20 years.



Savannah cats take 65 days days during pregnancy for new born birth. Savannah cat baby take high in first year of his grooming. Back legs of savannah cat are longer as compare to front.



Savannah cats are loyal and commonly are comparing to pet dogs. These cats follow their owner activity. In short time period these cats make friendly behave with new people, cats, and dogs. Cats make best jumping if you noticed them and also can make swimming don’t fair to water. With their both sound chirp and meow savannah cats looks pretty.


Savannah cats look generally healthy and active and often not take health problems. Their care must need if you enjoy as domestic cat. You should give the special attention to savannah cat. Serious difficulty in savannah car develops and result occur lack of amino acid taurine. Due to this face you provide the high protein in diet of savannah cat. Best protein for savannah cat health can arrange in the form of meat, poultry, and fish.



It’s good for savannah cat’s life that you must provide them larger outdoor environment to keep healthy. Brush the teeth of cat and cut their dead hair after two week. You can enjoy oil on the savannah body hair. Water bowl give them enjoyment to take bathing.

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