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Spotted Skin Exotic Grass Lizard Life Facts


Long tail lizards are considered underappreciated as pa pet due to their long tail. These have scientific name that is “takydromas sexlineatus”. Their tail length three time long over to body size. Small difference is founded in male and female species. With its long tail it can wrap the things easily. You can easily make good pet with grass lizard because they remain calm and quiet. These breeds of lizard are live in southern Asian region. Learn more about green tail grass lizard life fact.

Life span:

Long tailed grass lizard can enjoy life 5 years to upward.



The main and prominent feature in grass lizard is their long tail. Tiny circular spot are lying on long tail lizard body. Their body side is round about 12 inches. Usually skin, brown, black color is finding in their skin tone with brown stripped. Grass lizards have small head with their two color tongue like black or pink.



Long tail grass lizard come out every day when sun set. These types of lizards are so active and fast. When any danger come out it will first remain still and then keep their life safety. Long tail lizard also can communicate with each other.



Grass lizards are carnivores. You can provide to your pet Long tail lizard small insects like mealworms, crickets and other food supplement. You can offer them fresh diet that must in small size. Provide the fresh water for drinking.



You need minimum 15 gallons tank for long lizard housing. Furnish the lizard cage with cork bark, branches of different trees, and hiding spot. For providing heat in night to pet lizard put the heater or lamp. For proper health grass lizard must need light that keep their body temperature maintain.

Health and Care:


The overall temperature that should provide the pet long tail grass lizard is 75 to 78 degree while in night time 65 to 70 degree. Always use digital thermometer for conducting the lizard body temperature. Keep the lizard cage neat and clean. Glass aquarium you can take as optional base but best suited for long lizard is plastic cage.

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