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Snowshoe Cat ‘’Siamese’’ Like Cat as Pet




Snowshoes cat is the rare breed of cat. It can originate from America. Snowshoe cat is having outgoing personality of both American short hair cat and Siamese cat. They are playful and intelligent cat. Basically it is the healthy cat and you keep as pet easily at home.

Life span:


Snowshoes cat approximately life span is 12 years.

Physical appearance:


Snowshoe is the medium sized Siamese like cat. As their appearance their head is round with triangular ears shapes. Their nose is straight medium length. Snowshoe cat is also having large slanting eyes. As whole their body is look athletic as heavier body. Their legs are in medium size oval shaped with neat pure white paws. Snowshoe cat tail is also medium sized with round taper. Their body weight is 10 to 12 pounds. As a whole cute cat so, people keep as pet.

Coat color:


Their coat is look like Siamese cat with white points. Their paws color is pure white. Their face ears, legs and tail is much darker as their body coat with Blue seal, lilac and chocolate colors. White with blue and seal is most common color contrast which found in snowshoe cats.



Snowshoe cat is the intelligent and lovely cat. They can playful and socialized cat with owner and their family members. Snowshoe is the ideal companion cat with human beings. They are talkative cat with their melodic voice. They can play with toys and fetch games. They can attach with their owner and in lovely way. It is the best home cat as pet. They can also compatible with other pet cats and many pet animals. I suggest it is the best pet cat you own as a pet.



Snowshoes cat is basically a beautiful cat so they can’t require proper grooming. When you can keep as pet then take care of them through brushing the hairs and keep clean with wipes their eyes ears and full body. Take bath when necessary.

Living conditions:


Snowshoe is indoor cat. They can live happily with people and other pet. They can enjoy indoor setting. So, when you can keep as pet then own in indoor setting and provide soft bedding for sleeping.



Snowshoes cat can required 80 kcals of food per kg as their body weight. These cats are not prone to obesity. When you can keep as pet then take care of their proper diet.

Litter size:


Snow shoes cat gave birth three white feet kittens.

Health and care:


Snowshoe cat is basically a healthy cat. They can’t fell any specific health problem but you can take annual check for their veterinary doctor. And take care of their diet and health issues. When you can keep as pet then check up their kidney liver and tooth at the age of nine years because at high age may be indulge in some diseases.

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