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Sensitive Loyal Japanese Chin Dog life Detail


History & origin of dog:

Japanese chin breed of dog fist originate from china and arrived in Japan. In Japan dogs are used as working animal but their personality win the heart of Japan royal people and result show in royal breed of dog. When these dogs first introduce in united state they were called this breed of dog as “Japanese spaniels”. American club give them Japanese chin dog name.

Life duration:

10 to 12 years

Weight range:

Male & Female: 4 to 12lbs

Height range:

Male 10
Female 9

Coat color:

Black and white, red and white




Japanese chin dog are characterized by large broad head, squashed head, floppy ear, wide set of muzzle, and pattern facial marks. This toy bred of dog has red spots over each eye that helps in easy found require breed. In Red chin dog include all red hade on body like orange, lemon, and sable.

Coat type & colors:


Other dogs has two types of coat like over and under but Japanese chin god are found only with one coat. In adult age these dogs are grow with red and white or black and white coat color.



Bright and intelligent Japanese chin dog has sensitive personality. This breed of dog is best companion and is responsible dog. In new situation these dogs become reserved; naturally keep clean dogs are loyal with their owner. Alert dog use its paws for wipe its face when become dirty. When new arrival come these dogs alert their owner with bark otherwise keep silent because these are defensive. With many tricks Japanese chin dog entertain owner.



The most common health issue found in Japanese chin dog is slipping kneecaps. These dogs when get six month age lose their four to five lbs weight and also effected with seasonal allergies. In critical situation must require medical care on urgent bases.


To keep the Japanese chin dog single layer clean and shine short their hair and make regular combing and brushing to avoid from mats. Give special attention to under ears and legs area. Clean the face with wet cloth or with cotton.

Socialized your pet:


Socialized your pet around people because it don’t like and live aloe few hour. It express anxious behaves through chewing and barking. Walk your Japanese chin dog but in bed weather these are not like to remain like snow fall, or rain. It plays and observes around things.

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