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Saarloos Wolfhound Strong Dog Life Information as Pet



The saarloos wolfhound name suggested due to their appearance look like wolf. These were first developing in 1930 by cross breeding German shepherd dog and European wolf with a goal to produce a dog that has natural behave. These are not only found in UK instead found in all over world. The saarloos wolf dog  are not introduce as a breed by the kennel club buy in current year local club recognize it as healthy and well breed puppies.

Other Name:

Saarloos wolfhound
Saarloos wolf dog

Life Span:

10 to 12 years

Body Weight:

Male: 65 to 75 cm
Female: 60 to 75 cm


60 to 75 cm


How Look Saarloos Wolfhound:


If you are going to buy saarloos wolfhound it will see you as broad powerful neck, wide head, erect ear like German shepherd, dark nose, long legs, and feather tail that low set. Coat colors that are mostly found are brown and gray. Dense coat with dark hair also marked with white. Almond shape eyes, yellow face dog slightly turn the front legs. Double winter coats have these color red, white, and wolf gray.



The saarloos wolfhound dog needs strong owner and social environment. This breed of dog not best for children companion and not suitable for kennel life owner arrange dominant alpha place and train these with patience. In sudden situation saarloos wolfhound alert the older and bark seldom. If your saarloos not understand you then arrange another dog but first walk them separate when introduce with each other then walk together.



Generally saarloos dog are healthy but not bear little hereditary about health issue. Following issue can attach the saarloos wolfhound like
•    Eye issue
•    Hip dysplasia
•    Degenerative myelopathy
•    Pituitary dwarfism syndrome



Saarloos wolf dog has one top harsh coat and other under soft coat. Need to make brush on weekly bases in their top coat for tidy and remove loose hair. It’s important to check the dog ear and clean them on regular bases otherwise when too much wax fill painful infection appear.



Give daily exercise is easy to energetic, intelligent, and active dog for happy life. The time span for exercise should be 40 to 60 minutes. If you not give exercise then your dog become bored and show you destructive behavior. Some saarloos wolf dog likes to play sports in which one includes fly ball. This breed of dog also likes to make walk around the garden and you can go them on outdoor walk in the morning.

Children and Other Pet Company:


Smart saarloos wolfhounds are best learner and cheating your activities. These dogs require socialized environment in which can give best training. When you give exercise void repetition and follow those points in which dog take keen interest. Keep short period of training in which dog best understand what you say. Positive response gives the witted dog.

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