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Reliable Bakharwal Dog Life Information & Picture


Bakharwal is an ancient breed of dog that first develops in Jammu and Kashmir. Loyal dog you can live in yard areas where it enjoy daily exercise. The other common name of Bakharwal dog is Kashmiri dog. It likes to look owner activities.

Life Span:

10 to 12 years

Other Name:

    Kashmir sheepdog
    Gujjar watchdog
    Bakarwal
    Kashmiri mastiff
    Kashmiri Bakharwal dog
    Gujjar dog

Height & Weight:

Male & Female 24 to 30 inches

Coat Colors:

The Bakharwal dog comes in variety of color like Beige, black, tawny, tan and white.



Heavy bones and well muscles breed of dog has standard body length is 24 to 30. By characterized this breed of dog has large head, long ear, and small size muzzle. Neck thick muzzle with straight back Bakharwal dog has deep chest and broad shoulder. It considers powerful and long dog that also loyal of owner. Thick coat that has medium length and flat texture keep the dog safe in harsh climate.

Living Condition:

great pyrenees dog and sheep

This breed of dog is not suitable for apartment life you should lived them in bid size yard. At outdoor space these take exercise and lived really happy. Reliable and loyal companion dog has good nature that allow them to create love behave with children. It likes to play with family and follow their activities. Tolerant dog not behaved well with other dogs become aggressive and jealous.


Make regular brush on double coat of dog that helps them to live in great condition. Extra care give when dog is shedding. At outdoor space Bakharwal dog get stuck so the owner shave these in summer season. But you should keep care about sunburn. Give bath daily and use shampoo if necessary after dry the coat.

Health Problem:


The Bakharwal dog is healthy breed of dog so suffer in canine disorder. This dog generally disturbs with sickness but no suffer in other diseases. Instead of all that Health concern identify some serious issue that are as under,
•    Obesity
•    Patellar luxation
•    Canine hip dysplasia
•    bloat

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