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Quiet But Strong Whippet Dog as Pet Information


The medium size whippet dog breed has ability to run as fast as after rabbit and other small games. Today the whippet dogs are considered obedience, loving, and friendly dog. Stylish look whippet also has keen eye, flexible body, sense of smell like personality features detail. The whippet is docile and train especially that treat friendly with family and guest.


The whippet breed of dog derived from American kennel club in 1888 and England club in 1891. For a time these are used for entertainment purpose and for supports. Their fast sight and speed support them for hunting games. During the historical industrial period large breed of whippet dog also move to industrial area for people entertainment. After wards whipped are commonly kept as family pet or companion dog rather than entertainment.

Life Span:

12 to 15 years



Medium size whippet gain body weight 15 to 42 pounds and height of males is 47 to 51 while female 44 to 47 cm. these dogs come in wide variety of colors and pattern like solid black to white, blue, cream, fawn. Their body coat is short, smooth and close. Clear curved body of whippet dog is long with neck and muscles. These dogs can quickly change direction as need. Short and close coat of god make if perfect or fit for family. This breed of dog produces light oil from body that result in less shedding.



The whippet dogs are obedient, quiet and not bark bur regular exercise require. These dogs spend much of the day in resting. Despite this fact these are racing dog but when not run mean may be sleep in their owner lap. Due to its sight hound nature it can fight with small pets. Whipped dog are best suited for energetic family that also have tome to play with it on regular base. Running outdoor in freely mood add in favorite activities of dog.



The whippet pet dog not need a great maintenance however need of daily running and walking you should give. Natural sprinters dog cannot run at long distance. These dogs like to play in snow but can bear cold weather is harsh condition for these. The tough time of their life is cold weather so give them warm environment. Regular grooming should be given as it consider over all care due to their short coat.



Like other sight hound whippet dogs are also sensitive. The common problem that is seen in this breed is eye defect and deafness. Daily eye checkup should be part of their health.



As whippet are sensitive dogs so treat them gently all time. These hardly become aggressive when another dog postures toward them. If you give harshly training to whippet dog than it cause psychological harm. With lots of traits and praise you can easily train the dog. These are independent so pick up given task quickly. These dogs are naturally shy so you need to make them socialize because theses can understand new people, situation, and new noise.



As whippet dog are quiet and gentle walk around the house and couldn’t hurt you. Whippet dog has strong prey ability so you need to keep them in yard when go outdoors. If you not give exercise to whippet it will chew anything. Whippet dog grow very quietly but in case of puppy become difficult.
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