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Powerful Spanish Mastiff Puppies Information as Pet



The Spanish mastiff puppies originate from Spain. This bred of puppy categories into two types that are listed below,
•    The strong and heavy Mastin Pesado mountain dog takes part in expositions. Mount god are well know due to their heavier coat.
•    A light and steppe type called Mastin Ligero.
Mastiff new breed of puppy is standard and fit as pet, guard dog and defense.

Other Name:

Spanish Mastiff
Mastin Leones
Mastin ganadero
Mastin extremeno

Life Span:

10 to 11 years

Body Weight:

70 -100 Lb (32-45 kg)


Male 80 cm
Female 75 cm




The large, stocky and powerful Spanish mastiff dog has powerful head. Puppies look with its massive chest and muscled, rectangular structure, small eyes, and drop ears. Mostly dog coat found in fawn colored but black, red, yellow and wolf gray also look.



The Spanish mastiff puppies is define with aloof, calm, intelligent, tolerant and pretty towards children, family and protection of owner family. The puppies only become aggressive with other dog. The Spanish mastiff puppy may be problem in urban situation where they become voice and massive in size, so before adopting think about hard situation.



Daily outdoor long walk will be perfect. Appreciate puppies in fenced area where it can take exercise its own and walk in freely mood. Long time need to grow becoming alert because their activity level is low.


Socialization and training give in early stage to this puppy. A pet puppy is quiet alert and can motivate with food but give training on consistent level. When you teach your Spanish mastiff refrain it from barking. Strong personality of puppy help it picks up training easily.



On daily base provide 6 to 8 cups quality food to your Spanish mastiff puppy to keep it healthy. You can divide the healthy food into two time meal.


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