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Persian cat a Cute Pet for You

Persian cat is round face and long hair breed have calming personality. Mostly it known is longhair and Persian longhair puss.  Priscian is extreme looking glamour cat. These cats are so cute and pretty due to round face and round eyes.  Persian cat firstly developed by English in 19th century. It’s a popular pet animal in North America. Queen Victoria and other royal personalities feel in love with Priscian cats which is major reason of its popularity.


different type cats

Persian cats are divides in two types as Show and tradition cats. Show cats have round head with thick ruffs, flat nose, copper eyes and small ears. It basically has short body with flowing plume tail.  While traditional Priscian cat have identical doll face and sweat expression.


different colors cat

Priscian cats are found in white, black, cream, cameo, silver, red and chocolate colors with wider range of patterns.   Solis, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, smoke, and tortoiseshell are basic pattern of Priscian cat.

Eye Colors

about Persian cat as a pet

Priscian cats have distinct features which makes it unique and lovely pet. Eye are most eye-pleasing features, these cats have blue, copper, green, hazel, and odd-eyes that grabs attentions.


Priscian cat are placid and tempered breed like to sit over your laps when she is in good mood and sleep in your bed. These cats run and roll around in room when they have to sleep in sun.  Priscian cats have friendly in nature and never change their mind in routine.

Heath and Care

Priscian cats need more attention for proper nutrition and energetic exercise. Regular exercise keeps them in good form.  These cats feel happing by playing with toys, chase balls and attacking over catnip mice. Priscian cats face breathing, skin and eyes disorders.  Comb regularly long and flowing coat of puss for removing mats and tangles. They need daily bath to stay clean and groomed.


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