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Obedient Guardian Kuvasz Dog Detail Information

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The Kuvasz is an intelligent and livestock dog. The Kuvasz dog historical used as royal guard. Now this breed of dog increasingly found in home as pet over last years.

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The Magyar tribes around 2000 BC moved to the steppes, they lead to the Carpathian basin which they conquered in 896 A.D. this tribe came with Kuvasz type dogs that preliminary used for livestock guardian.

Kuvasz dog in 9th century was discovering in fenekpuszta. 9th century discovery was remarkable in that the structure of skeleton was almost same to a modern Kuvasz.  Later in 15th century Kuvasz become luxury dog and found in royal court. When puppies of Kuvasz dog were giving to officers as loyal gift then the king said his dog more trusted then his own councilors.

After Second World War all Kuvasz do had been killer due to hungry. Some German officers take Kuvasz dog at home. After world war fewer than thirty Kuvasz dog were remain.

Other Name:

Hungarian Kuvasz

Life Span:

10 to 12 years


Male 45 to 52 kg
Female 32 to 41 kg


Male 28 to 30 Inc
Female 26 to 28 Inc

Coat Color:



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Kuvasz is large breed of dog with dense and odorless coat that grow in white color. The dog double coat comes in range of wavy to straight. Guardian dog skin pigmentation should be dark, and has a black nose, almond shape eyes, medium bone structure.

The head of dog is wide with the set of eyes that are below the plane muzzle. Light color coat of do is easier for shepherds to recognize the Kuvasz from wolves that pray on the dog at night time. Dog coat may be white to cream with wavy texture.


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The intensely loyal Kuvasz dog is an intelligent and patient pet. With intelligence, independent, and protectiveness ability make these dog to achieve obedience training. These are working dogs and can act without, scanning, instruction, environment evaluation. The Kuvasz dog quickly understand what you say to them.

Dogs are not interested in meaningless activity yet they enjoy interesting task. A younger Kuvasz is able to learn basic command and give consistently response. It makes special close relation with owner and protects all of them. It’s the duty of owner to response obedience.


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The Kuvasz dog has dense coat that growing up to 6 inches so it not need any special grooming. Brush the dog coat at least once time in a day. For standard grooming used pin-brush that is available with rounded pins. During spring and autumn season the Kuvasz shedding and lose extreme hair quickly. The dog should not smell its sign of illness or poor diet.


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Although healthy and structural body dog which expected life 10 to 12 years are prone to bone development. Owner should take care and provide proper diet and avoid to roughly playing. A large breed includes Kuvasz not fed high calories and protein. The Kuvasz has very efficient metabolism so not need food supplement.
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