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Norwegian Forest Cat as Pet

Norwegian Forest Cat as Friendly Pet




Norwegian forest cat is the domestic bead cat. So people keep as pet in their home. This cat is friendly and gentle in home setting. They can also attach with family members. This cat lives in cold atmosphere with their top laying coat. Norwegian forest cat is originated from northern Europe. It can also having water shedding hair coat with wooly undercoat for insulation.

Life span;

Norwegian forest cat life span is 1 to 16 years.

Physical appearance;


Long haired Norwegian forest cat is looking pretty which having double coated cat. It can have long hair of their body coat. Thick layered on their neck. Their facial features are looking cute and innocent. Their head is triangular shaped with green copper and gold colored eyes. Pointed chin and medium to large ears can also attracting in their appearance. It has long furry tail. Their large and round shaped paws can also having heaving tufting. Water shaded coat is looking beautiful and base coat is also used for any kind of environment. Their male weight is 10 to 16 pounds and female weight is 8 to 12 pounds.



Norwegian forest cat is friendly with children and other pets. It is intelligent cat and follows the instructions quickly. It is not demanding and attention seeker cart. They can easily adjustable in family setting. They cannot feel stress for any kind of problem. It is cool natured and tolerate cat. It can enjoy the human company. It is the playful cat. So, people keep as pet in their home setting.

Children and other pet bounding;


This friendly cat can bond with their owner children and other pets. They can play with children and other pet with happily and enjoy their company.



Good looking cat grooming is essential. Brush their long hairs once or twice in a week. Excessive brushing can lose their hair. So, take care of brushing their hair. Wire slicker brush or stainless steel comb is suitable for their grooming. Tooth brush is also best for their good health. Daily brushing is more helpful their healthy life. Clean their body eye and ears with soft clothes.



Norwegian forest cat is indoor cat. You keep as pet then indoor housing is perfect. outdoor setting is dangerous for them. This cat is live with family members so, their housing bed is also arranged in indoor setting.


Dry food is the best for Norwegian forest cat. When you keep as pet then take care of their proper diet with high quality dry foods.

Health and care;


Norwegian forest cat also having number disease. In researches heart and kidney disease is reported of this cat. Proper veterinary check up can give for their cat regularly. Antibiotic medicine and food supplements can also giving for their good health.

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