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“Moustached Little Devil” Affenpinscher Dog as Pet Complete Guideline


Affenpinscher dog are smaller size and cute face dog have monk like facial expression. He’s a toy terrier dog best for apartment and small house living owners. Their active and lively personality allows you to spend good time with them. They are intelligent, affectionate and naughty nature dog best live with other pet dogs and children. Affenpinscher dog also named as “Moustached little devil” because have packed with mischievous traits personality.

Physical description:


Affenpinscher dog has distinctive yet prettiest look which is due to its rough textured, shaggy and wiry-type coat and monkey –like facial expressions.  Affenpinscher dog face, head, neck, chest, abdomen and legs are covered with longer hair while tail and rumps areas have shorter hairs.  Fur around the head and shoulder looks like a cape protest him form harsh weather conditions.

Affenpinscher dog are generally found in black, grey, silver red and tan color coat.  Longer eyebrows which give a serious facial expression are the visible features on his face.  It has compact body structured with stronger medium bones. Affenpinscher dog are smaller dog approximately 10-15 longer in height white average weight in 7-8 pound.



Affenpinscher dog packed with terrier –like personality.  They are bold, intelligent, active, affectionate and stubborn natured dog best live with other pet dog especially when they grow up together. They are socialized and affectionate dog amazingly mix up with kids and family members. They enjoy challenges. Mischievous traits in their personality are good for you. They bring smile or even laugh on your face through his naught activities. They do not like limitations, restriction and boundaries that way it difficult to train them for household.



There is not exact data about the origin of Affenpinscher dog. Most people assume these dogs are related to Brussels griffon and terriers. It ancient dog breed named as monkey dog due to is face shape which matched with a monkey. It originated from Germany and export to central Europe. First people bred this dog for their rat catching abilities but latter it inspired pet lover through his terrier like-personality.

Other name:

Affenpinscher dog also named as Affen, African terrier, monkey dog and monkey terrier.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of this smaller size dog is about 10-14 years.

Litter size:

1-3 puppies Average 2 puppies in single clutch

Living condition:


Affenpinscher dog are gentle, lovely and disciplined dog actively live inside the home. They easily adjusted in small apartments as they do not need a backyard to play. These dogs are highly sensitive to temperature especially they can bear hottest environment. If you desired to keep Affenpinscher dog as pet then provide cool area. Heated and warmer living space damage his coat and also leads to different health issues.


Feed you Affenpinscher dog twice in a day. If you serve high quality dry dog food ten serve 1/4 -1/2 cup of food equality divided in two meals.  They love to eat rat, rodents, chicken and cook beef. Small treats are best during training sessions. You can also call them on fest on special occasion.



Affenpinscher dog are active dog mostly spend their time inside the home. Play time is good for them but it can’t cover their exercise need so for their better health take them for daily walk. Regular walk for 20-30 minutes make him active and healthier. Let them play in near Dog Park which is good to cheer-up mood.  Short walk on leash is appropriate choice. Provide indoor games which keep him busy and does not let him feeling bore and fatigue.

Care and grooming:

Affenpinscher dog has rough and harsh coat which need proper grooming. Regular brushing and combing keep it coat in better condition. They are low shedding dog due to which it become famous among allergic suffer.  Stripping coat is necessary to maintain rough textures coat.  Contact with a professional for this purpose. Regular teeth brushing are better for dental hygiene. Trim nail when you feel necessary.


Affenpinscher dog are generally health dog yet they can prone to respiratory, open fontanel, slipped stifle and PDA. Provide cool and airy environment to your Affenpinscher pet in hot day which keep them away from respiratory problems. Patellar luxation (slipped stifle) is common health problem of smaller size dogs which need a surgical repair. Heart murmure, hip dysplasia and legg perthee disease are also found in these dogs.
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