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Modern Industrial Wood Cat Shelf Ideas

Pet lover want to provide modern style seating to their pet cat. After getting the demand of pet lover we want to share some unique and modern style cat shelf today. You will see that each style totally different from other. No need of extras material and space for installation of cat shelf. Set these shelves in any corner of home where your cat lives happy. Get more images from below!

Cute Look Shelves in Drawing Room:


Wall cat sketch with front shelf give quick massage to other that these shelves are only draw for cat seating. If you have more than one cat in your home you need to draw number of shelves over the wall. Blue color wall paint with white shelf make clear ad close image. Cats can easily reach on the shelf with the help of sofa seating.

Cat Tree Shelves:


Most modern look of cat shelves is tree wooden tree idea. It will get little space in your room corner where your cat can judge all around. As you know cats are always remain in searching of different things and do different activities that keep them fresh healthy. Your cat enjoys more with tree shelves and you also get free and clean space.

Diy Modern Cat Shelves:


Awesome way is to decorate the home wall and stay the cat happy. Cat shelve close to book shelf has long life. Lay down the warm and soft blanket in the shelf that gives best space to cat in winter days. Pet cats always want fully and perfect seating that heat their body. Your cat gets safety sleep with wall shelf idea.

Stair Style Wall Shelf:


Cats do fun activities that also give big smile on your face. She wants to live close to their owner, for this purpose you can draw stair shelf with wall. Under stair lamp with plant vase you can decorate the surrounding. Cats see you working and also get best rest. You need not extra space for installation of cat shelves simply use the wall idea.

Woody Cat Tower:


Rich look of cat shelves show under above one image style. Medium length woody tower enjoy this summer with your pet cat. Easily more than two cats can set on the tower and do different activities. You can place cat tower shelves any open space in the home. Cat get high jump that give best exercise to their body.

Cat Condo Shelf:


Cat condo shelf gives interesting look with fun idea. Wall hanging shelf in round style look difficult but you don’t worry cat are much expert that’s well known how make jump and reach the favorite space. Fill the condo shelf with cushion that gives soft space to pet cat. Cat makes movement from one to other shelf with sharp mind.

Geometric Design Cat Shelf:


Colorful look of shelf make happy of your cat. Fun idea also develops under the geometric shelf with stair addition. Cat take first jump o the stair step by step and then can easily reach in the shelf. Each box has two opening that help the cat to go out of the box at other shelf.

Multi Level Modern Design Wood stand:


Multi level modern style shelf has round seating with all corner opening. Stand the shelf on marble flooring in the living room. Make sure your cat want to go on top of shelf to enjoy everything from height.  You need not to set extra material with the wood shelf.

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